Wii U Isn’t an Upgrade, But a New System: Nintendo - 2013-05-01 13:44:23

The Wii U is something to be taken seriously—that is, according to Nintendo. Kotaku reports today Nintendo is sending out messages to Wii owners, hoping they would view the Wii U as not an add-on, but rather a whole new console.

In a statement primarily reported to Kotaku, Nintendo said Wii owners should “discover the Wii U” as an “all-new home console”. It’s envisioned to redefine the gaming and entertainment experience.

Nintendo has suffered poor Wii U sales due to inconsistent marketing, according to CEO Satoru Iwata in a statement last week. He said the majority of people initially understood the Wii U (especially the Wii U GamePad) as a complimentary device to the Wii. With clarifying the Wii U as an actual console, Iwata hopes to strengthen Nintendo’s software sales and marketing efforts.