Capcom’s Fiscal Year Results: Resident Evil 6 Failed to Meet Expectations - 2013-05-08 16:01:05

Capcom released their results for the fiscal year concluding Mar. 31, 2013 today, with Resident Evil 6 “subsequently plateaued”.


Resident Evil 6 , since its release last October, sold 4.9 million units. This, however, didn’t suffice as Capcom said in a press release Resident Evil 6 “failed to meet our projection”. Dragon’s Dogma, in contrast, performed successfully, surpassing expectations.

Dragon’s Dogma became a greater-than-expected hit product within the domestic market, which has high profitability, and became an unprecedented million seller in the recent years as an original title,” Capcom says in a statement.

Capcom sales increased 14.6 per cent for the fiscal year to 94.07 million yen ($950 million), with income decreasing to 2.97 million yen ($30 million). The company hopes to have similar results for the new fiscal year, hoping to achieve the same results as they did in 2012. Capcom’s line-up of games this year includes Remember Me and Lost Planet 3.