Curiosity Secret Finally Revealed, Chance of Digital Godhood Given - 2013-05-28 14:35:56

After six months of unraveling Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity—What’s Inside the Cube, one man has figured out what’s inside the box.


Bryan Henderson of Edinburgh, Scotland was revealed as the winner of Curiosity, an experiment created last November by Molyneux and his studio, 22Cans. A free-to-play game for the Android and iOS, Curiosity gave players the task of breaking down every block of a massive cube to uncover its secret. Within the span of 150 days, four million people tried their hands at destroying 25 million smaller cubes.

Molyneux—as a token of congratulations—granted Henderson a chance of “videogame godhood”, according to Henderson’s phone interview with Wired. Henderson will become the supreme god in Godus, an upcoming game where players are in control of their own realms.

Henderson has since agreed to make his prize public. Watch the YouTube video below: