Sony says Elder Scrolls Online not originally planned for consoles 1

Console gamers can consider themselves lucky.

Adam Boyes, VP of publisher and developer relations of SCEA, told Game Informer that a console version of the online game arose after several meetings between Sony and Bethesda.

“That game was never planned to come to consoles,” Boyes said. “[Bethesda] was like, ‘We’re not planning it,’ and I’m like, well what if we built a plan that could do that?”

The interest spread to Microsoft, and as a result the game will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014. It will require a $15 monthly subscription fee, alongside the fees required for Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus.

Bethesda told OXM during the summer that they are pushing Microsoft to drop the Xbox Live fee for gamers interested in playing the title on Xbox One.