Microsoft Studios Debuts New Gameplay for “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die” and “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood”

Microsoft Studios unveiled new gameplay for D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Max: Curse of Brotherhood at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is an episodic noir adventure that follows the story of detective David Young, who has the ability to travel back in time. Using these powers, David must solve his wife’s murder and try to prevent it from ever occurring. In the game, the player will travel between the past and present, searching for clues about his wife’s death.

The Xbox One exclusive takes place in a 3D space and is controlled with the Kinect – it can even be played from a sitting position. Players can approach different objects to find clues, and alongside objects, players can also interact with a handful of wacky characters by monitoring and speaking to them. They’ll also have the ability to execute special actions in order to progress through the story.

Also debuting for the first time on the Xbox One, new features for Max: The Curse of Brotherhood were revealed by Microsoft Studios. The follow-up to the popular game Max and the Magic Marker will focus on Max and his journey to find his brother Felix, who’s been kidnapped by a giant monster. The game will put players in a mystical fantasy world, and as a result will allow you to use magical abilities to overcome puzzles and enemies in order to save Felix.

There is no release date set for D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, but Max: The Curse of Brotherhood arrives on Xbox One and Xbox 360 early 2014.