Monster Hunter 4 Sells Over 3 Million Copies in Japan 1

Monster Hunter 4 has gone beyond Capcom’s expectations, selling over 3 million copies in Japan.

According to Siliconera, Capcom expected to sell 2.8 million copies by March 31st of next year. While Monster Hunter 4 has proved to be a success in Japan, no North American date has been announced.

This reception goes against many of Capcom’s forecasts, including their goal to sell over 10 million copies of Dragon’s Dogma. Not to mention their sales of Resident Evil 6 were much lower than expected.

Still, these sorts of sales come as no surprise as Monster Hunter is extremely popular in Japan.

Monster Hunter 4 was released on 3DS in Japan on September 14th. This game is the second title in the franchise for Nintendo‘s portable console.

Source: Eurogamer