Pokemon X and Y Are The Fastest Selling 3DS Games of All Time

Nintendo revealed this morning that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the fastest selling titles on the 3DS ever. The two games ended up selling a combined 4 million copies in two days.

This marks the first time a Pokemon game has been released to Japan, Europe and North America simultaneously.

The best-selling game in the franchise is Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which sold over 17 million copies overall. The DS also sold faster than the 3DS, which may be a factor into X and Y’s sales.

The title was released alongside Nintendo’s cost-effective new console, the Nintendo 2DS.

The 2DS plays all 3DS games, but has no 3D capabilities whatsoever. While this makes it hard to play certain titles like Super Mario 3D LandPokemon X and Y are perfect for this sort of device, with only certain portions of the game using 3D.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y released last Saturday worldwide. They are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.