Proteus Creator Talks Sony and Exclusivity

Proteus Creator Talks Sony and Exclusivity 1

Last Tuesday, a game about musical environments called Proteus arrived on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

The title was originally released on Steam earlier this year, but no Xbox 360 or Wii version was announced.

When asked why the game didn't make it to Xbox, creator Ed Key said "basically because Curve approached me and they already have a good relationship with Sony. And because Sony seem to do a way better job  of building and maintaining those relationships with small studios and indies (for example, funding ports)."

While many developers release on most platforms to gain a higher profit, Key says he doesn't have to stress about maximizing sales. "I personally don't try to hit every platform, its just what opportunities arise. I guess it would sell more on additional platforms, but it would be offset when you include the costs of porting it and certification."

Proteus is available now on PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. You can check out a trailer of the audio discovery game below.

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  • Daniel Lawson

    Indies who remain exclusive for stupid reasons don't deserve success... you run a business run it like one not like you're a spoiled child who wants to take their ball and go home

    • Jack Slater

      With the x360, microsoft ignored and treated indies like shit, the only thing that mattered was buying exclusive content for call of duty.
      Meanwhile, Sony embraced those poor devs and gave them a chance to release their games.

      Now, many of them just give a big 'fuck' to microsoft, and keep working with Sony.
      Normal situation.