Fulgore Slashes His Way to Killer Instinct Reboot In March 2014

As the Xbox One makes its long-awaited debut within retail outlets today, those anxious to play as Fulgore in the exclusive Killer Instinct reboot would have to wait, as Microsoft announced the character would be released in March 2014.

Fulgore is the last character confirmed for the free-to-play fighting game relaunch; many know him as the ruthless cyborg created by tournament sponsor Ultratech. Evil as cyborgs come, Fulgore is Ultratech’s pawn in the company’s attempt to turn humans into mind-controlled robots. Protagonist Jago is Fulgore’s adversary.

Jago is, at this point, the only character needed to be unlocked. Killer Instinct launched with six characters already, and two more are on the way after launch. Microsoft confirmed skeleton warrior Spinal would be released January 2014. Players can obtain characters in a variety of ways: they can purchase them individually, part of $19.99 Combo Breaker pack complete with eight characters, or in a $39.99 Ultra Edition pack, which includes the eight characters and Killer Instinct Classic.