Former Gears of War Talent Working on New Virtual Reality Title. - 2014-05-06 12:48:45

With the immense amount of interest surrounding virtual reality since Oculus Rift has grabbed the spotlight, a lot of studios are getting attention for their work in the field. One such studio is Kubold games, the new place of employment for the former lead animator of People Can Fly, Jakub Kisiel. They are working on a new Virtual Reality game titled Aliens, Trolls & Dragons.

It’s said to be very story heavy, blending fantasy with sci-fi.  Humans have found a planet with life, and they have plans to secretly observe the natives. However, something goes wrong and they are discovered.

The trailer shows a bit of variety of gameplay. There is melee combat, swordplay, and even gun use. Enemies look like a mix of alien and fantasy creatures, and the characters wear medieval armor.

The game is set for a fall release on PC and Mac, and features Oculus Rift support.