Use a Grappling Hook Glove to Find Your Uncle in A Story About My Uncle - 2014-05-12 14:54:50

A Story About My Uncle is about a father telling his daughter a bedtime story. When the father was a child, he wanted to go on adventure with his uncle. One day he disappears and the father finds himself in another world while looking for him.

Gameplay revolves around first person platforming. The player will be able to obtain a variety of gadgets to help them traverse the world such as a glove that acts like a grappling hook.


The faster the player moves, the more momentum they’ll gain causing them to be able to move faster and more freely though out levels.

Developer Gone North Games says that the main focus on the game is the story, and exploring the world that they’ve created. There also won’t be any combat in the game as well.

A Story About My Uncle comes out on Steam on May 28th.