Telltale Releases New Trailer For Borderlands Adventure Game

In their bid to secure the Hardest Working Studio In The Biz award for 2014, Telltale Games has released a new trailer for the presumably soon-to-be-released Tales From The Borderlands episodic game series. The newest trailer brings us Handsome Jack explaining the exact chronology of the series and firmly putting the latest game AFTER Borderlands II making it an actual sequel, as opposed to a pre-sequel.

It’s amazing that the folks at Telltale don’t drop dead from overwork.

There’s also been a bit of news with some voice acting shuffling going on. Sam Witwer aka “Crashdown” and “Starkiller” of Battlestar Galactica and Force Unleashed fame, was originally cast to be the male protagonist of the game. He’s been replaced the increasingly ubiquitous Troy Baker, who will be joining his Infamous: Second Son co-star Laura Baily, who remains in her role as the female protagonist.

Between this, Game of Thrones and the fact that Telltale just put out all the Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us episodes on current generation hardware, it’s amazing that the folks at Telltale don’t drop dead from overwork. They may not produce the games with the biggest budgets in the industry, but their output puts most other studios to shame. Also, they have a far better grasp on the notion of “episodic games” than Valve, who originally announced that Half-Life 2 was going to have episodic additions years ago, with episode 3 now legendary in the industry for sitting in development hell.

Still, good job to Telltale, just don’t kill yourselves doing all this. You’re only human, or so I hope.