Nobody cares about the New Vita

Nobody cares about the New Vita

The PlayStation Vita is getting a new model really soon. A new trademark for the redesign has been filed in Japan and just recently surfaced on Twitter.  The image provides what the device looks like in its early stages and no drastic changes have been found besides an HDMI port found by Neogaf user Jignx.

The new HDMI port could provide more media capabilities for the platform as well bringing your Vita games to the big screen. Since the revival of the OLED screen is most likely not going to happen, the big screen may entice a few to pick up the handheld. The cost effective solution of the LCD screen has cut the cost on shipping for the handheld but their problem still persists. Nobody cares about the PlayStation Vita.

The Vita hasn’t performed as well as PSP by any means but that hasn’t stopped Sony from reiterating every other year. The handheld has struggled to sell since its launch. Some say it was dead on arrival because of the pricing and lack of support of games. Fans are sick and tired of waiting around for more and have moved on. Even remote play of PlayStation 4 games wasn’t enough to bring it back from the grave. Games sell hardware at the end of the day, not a key feature or gimmick that hasn’t been done.

They have spent less time revealing games for the platform ever year. It’s become a JRPG and Indie games device and that’s not nearly enough to satisfy the bigger markets around the world. They have so many studios occupied with delivering “greatness” to the PlayStation 4 that the Vita has become this device that collects dust in storage rooms because no one is touching them on store shelves. Sony needs to scrap the Vita because the only audience that they’re barely holding is Japan.  No remodel is going to change anything. What they need is a whole new machine that has the PS4 more in mind. The next handheld needs truly be an extension of the PlayStation 4 and not just in the way of being a tethered handheld via remote play.

If they want to grab an audience like they once did with PSP, they need to bring the games. They need to bring something new that can leverage their characters in first-party exclusives.  They need to have a feature that their opposition, Nintendo, doesn’t. Do what Nintendon’t and they’ll be well on there way again. This focus of boasting a more powerful machine that produces a prettier aesthetic hasn’t worked for them this time around. So shifting their strategy is a must for them to stay competitive in the handheld scene.

There’s plenty of space to compete but Sony might need to go one step ahead of having 3G models that let you play anywhere, to possibly making a handheld/smartphone hybrid. Although they tried once with their Xperia Play model before, a new model in the main line PlayStation handheld series would attract more attention. Built from the ground up with the same emphasis of using it outside of gaming applications like texting and having apps could be exactly what the doctor ordered. This is certainly something Sony can do because they have both of those divisions to play with. This could be their edge going forward against Nintendo. Since they’re stuck in there ways always seems to work for them, it forces PlayStation to either abandon the handheld scene or bring about something new to captivate their loyal fans once again.
What do you think about new redesign for the Vita? Is the HDMI port enough for you drop your hard-earned cash? Or does Sony need to drop the Vita in favour of something new? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Mhee123D

    Sorry to bother your article, but there's no Vita 3000 Model coming. It was just a button placement trademark. Sad to see people running with this story, but adleast you gave an opinion piece rather than just the "news".

    If you want a legit complaint, the Backward Proprietary Memory Cards they sell at astronomical prices are a major reason why it doesn't sell. It's a reason why Indie Games are so popular because of it's smaller size compared to games like Killzone Mercenary where you have to get an 8GB card and delete anything else in order to play it. It's a great game, but it was too late. Even the PSTV is still using the Memory Card and that's failing too.

    As for the Indie Games and JRPG comment. JRPGs was a success on the PSP and still are on the Vita. It's most likely the only thing sustaining the system right now. Like I said before, Indie Cards are easier to hold on smaller memory cards and more convenient to play on. if you compare that to the trashy vita shooters COD:Classified or Resistance Falling Skies, you can see the shooter market just going away from the system and not coming back. It sucks for people to expect AAA games like Peace Walker or God of War: Chains of Olympus.