Attack on Titan: Junior High Is the Crazy We Never Knew We Wanted - 2015-09-08 09:52:00

When watching Attack on Titan, you are taken to a dark world. One where humanity is running out of options. Lives are thrown away by the hundreds as the face off against the Titans. People are trained at an early age to fight and survive in the post-apocalyptic nightmare there lives have become. It is a show I enjoy and find gives some new concepts to anime. It also breathed some new life into a medium that has gotten tired in recent years.

The one thing that could make it better would be zany antics set in high school. How could I not love creators taking the dark and brooding world and making it adorable? It is just what everyone wanted. Who needs the action and serious tone that the series was known and loved for when you could instead replace that all with classroom drama and cute characters. I can’t help but think all shows could be made better by this genius creative choice. Making a once adult show, into something even the kids can enjoy. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you watch the latest promo spot and see for yourself!