Nexon sells shares in NCSoft, Takeover Bid Seemingly Over - 2015-10-19 13:57:42

Publisher Nexon has sold off it’s 15.08% of NCSoft for $533 Million. This move ends a four year attempt on the part of Nexon to take over gaming rival NCSoft. Nexon has been the biggest third party share holder since 2012 when it purchased 14.68% of the company.

NCSoft best known for Aion, and Guild Wars 2 has been worried about the control of the company for some time now. In a recent power-play, they made a stock deal with Net Marble Games that would see join buisssnesses between the two companies. With this move that ensured NCSoft would maintain controle of the board and voting on what will happen with the companies future. With this new sale of Nexon’s shares in NCSoft it marks an end to the takeover bid.