Ubisoft Will Fight to Stay Independent

Ubisoft Will Fight to Stay Independent - 2015-10-21 08:50:42

It seems Vivendi may be looking to take control of Ubisoft. Last week Vivendi purchased 6.6% of Ubisoft for €140.3 million. This sets them on the trail of slowly gaining enough to wrestle control of the Publisher/Developer; Yves Guillemot CEO of Ubisoft is having none of this.

In a company email obtained by Gamesindustry.biz the CEO of the Assassin's Creed developer discussed how Vivendi had a reputation for "aggressively pursuing companies within the entertainment sector." He described the purchase of the 6.6% of the shares as "unsolicited and unwelcome"

He goes on to say that "Our intention is and has always been to remain independent, a value which, for 30 years, has allowed us to innovate, take risks, create beloved franchises for players around the world, and which has helped the company grow into the leader it is today"

This sentiment is not surprising, looking back at the way Vivendi dealt with Activision-Blizzard. Ubisoft has a strong lineup and remains one of the more interesting Publishers/Developers. They year over year manage to release a slew of IP's that not build on existing franchises, but also expanding on their roster by trying new and exciting things such as the lineup of Ubi Workship games. Ubisoft will be releasing Assassin's Creed Syndicate this week, with Far Cry Primal coming out early 2016.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    We can love ubisoft. ..or hate them.

    I love their Rayman games... but can't stand their assassin greed , every single year, with, each year, more and more micro transactions stuff, like AC unity locked chests.

    Then, I hated the cheap ass ps4 remaster they did, with Rayman, which was EXACTLY the same as the ps3 version.

    Also, they have so many great franchises they could reborn, but they end up making the same yearly games. When, with the billions they have, they could be making 30 or 40 great games, at this moment.

    And what is sad, is the fact that most games aren't done, only because the shareholders didn't think it would be a good enough investment. *OK, so, this new innovative, cool and fantastic game should cost 5 millions and take 7 months to be finished, and sales should only make a total net of 21 millions? Oh, we think it's not a good idea, after all, we don't understand why people would love that game. Ok. What is the next games you want to show us ? *