PlayStation VR Needs External Processing Unit

PlayStation VR Needs External Processing Unit - 2015-11-02 11:06:36

There has been a lot of talk about the power needed to power VR, it seems PlayStation VR has the same issue. PlayStation VR will need an external box to enable the unit to display all the content in VR. This processing unit will do much of the heavy lifting for the PlayStation 4, ensuring everyone will get a smooth experience.

These details came to light after Sony’s Ram Madhavan gave information at the Unite 2015 Developer Conference in Boston.

According to Madhavan, the processing unit will do "most of the heavy lifting for the VR itself." They also have "made it much more powerful, and are improving as they go to the launch." This PU should ensure that people developing on the PlayStation platform should have the power they need to make the games people will want to play. This all in one design will also help with adoption of VR, since you only need a PS4 and the PlayStation VR to get started.

You can watch the full presentation from the Unite 2015 conference here.

  • DarthDiggler

    Would likely be a little heavy on the head / face if you had all the processing on board.

  • datdude

    This is not new news...the processing unit has been attached to the vr headset at every demo Sony has shown, and they have discussed the unit before.

    • jacksjus

      The disappointing part is the fact that it connects via a cord.

      • datdude

        I don't think that's's to be expected. Did you expect these VR devices to be wireless?

        • jacksjus

          I didn't say that I expected anything. I simply said that it is a little disappointing. What we do not know yet is what form of constraints it may cause.

          Early reports already stated that they had to catch a few headsets as people were literally falling out of their seats.

          • datdude

            I don't understand...if people are falling out of their seats, you think the headset being wireless changes something??

          • jacksjus

            Haha c'mon bruh. No I am saying if you're falling out of your seat and your headset is connected you could possibly pull too hard and disconnect the cable, or worst pull down your system.

            Remember your vision is blinded while wearing this thing.

          • datdude

            Oh, ok. I see your point. I don't think for most people it would be that big of a's not like you're going to be moving around all over the room...hopefully there will be enough slack in the line (or the ability to connect an additional cable if you need more line) to make that a moot point unless you forget and trip over it by moving around too much. And the lag that would be induced (small as it may be) by going wireless would be more off putting in my opinion.

          • jacksjus

            Oh absolutely. I'm sure this is the reason that they had no choice but to wire it.

        • angh

          It could be better if the device would be wireless, but then you'd have to have heavy batteries on your head. All the major devices are wired, so it is no issue. And as well it is not like external processor, it is only device we have n TVs which creates intermediate frames effectively doubling frame rate in like 600 hz, 800hz TVs.