Removed SCEE Q&A Regarding Kojima Productions Lingers

The Kojima saga continues.

After officially leaving Konami yesterday, rumors spread relating to Kojima opening his own studio. Later in the day, it was confirmed, with the official announcement of an independent Kojima Productions.

Today, a Q&A from an EU Community Manager for SCEE popped up on regarding Kojima Productions, however, it appears to have been taken down rather abruptly.  But thanks to the savvy users of Neogaf(shout out to user TimmiT for posting the interview) fans are still able to read the Q&A.

It was confirmed that the contract between Kojima and SCE was signed as of today and that Kojima Productions will be bringing their titles to PlayStation 4. “Kojima is an extremely creative and passionate game designer who has made countless contributions to PlayStation and the gaming industry. By having Kojima develop his first independent title to PS4, we believe that we can deliver completely new gaming experiences made possibly only by Kojima, to gaming fans worldwide. We are not disclosing further details on how this agreement was realized.” The first title will also appear on PC. “The title is planned to become available on PC (after PS4).”

Fans, of course, wanted to know more about the rift between Konami and Kojima and if it would change anything between SCE and Konami and were met with this response, “Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. will remain one of SCE’s most important publishers, and our relationship with them will not change.”

But the two burning questions every Kojima fan had were finally answered.

“Will the title have something to do with the METAL GEAR series?
No. It will be something completely new.
“METAL GEAR” is a title from Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Will the title have something to do with the cancelled Silent Hills sequel?
No. It will be something completely new.
Silent Hill” is a title from Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.”

We all knew it was unlikely Kojima would touch Silent Hill or Metal Gear again, and while this could be a downer for fans, Kojima is now free to start whole new IPs for fans to enjoy.