European Trademark Office Leaks new Pokemon Games

European Trademark Office Leaks new Pokemon Game 1

Nintendo has just registered trademarks within Europe for potential new Pokemon games.

Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun have just been filed as trademarks with all signs pointing to them being announced during tomorrow's Nintendo Direct video, scheduled for 7am PT. The trademark is sadly no longer visible, but a screenshot can be viewed here.

It’s viewable live on the Nintendo Direct website, or on Twitch, but if you miss it, it shouldn’t be hard to find the announcement somewhere on YouTube shortly after.

European Trademark Office Leaks new Pokemon Game

Stay tuned for more details!

  • Ingeborg Nordén

    The trademark registrations may be genuine; but the logos and confirmation rumors first appeared on a fraudulent Twitter account. I'm betting that this is another "empty" registration (not attached to a real game), like the ones for Pokémon Gray and for Pokémon Delta Emerald. I've already promised (in several fan-groups on Facebook) to give away a Solrock/Lunatone pair if Nintendo does release real Pokémon games called Sun and Moon.