Dark Souls III Becomes Fastest Selling Bandai Namco Release

As it turns out, a whole ton of gamers are masochists.

Dark Souls III, the fourth installment in the brutally difficult pull-your-hair-out Souls franchise, has become the fastest selling title ever for publisher Bandai Namco in North America – beating out games from franchises like Tekken, Soulcalibur and Pac-Man.

On top of being the fastest selling game for the company, the game is also Bandai Namco’s most successful day-one launch.

Dark Souls III is an Action-RPG game that was developed by FromSoftware. The developer created Dark Souls III alongside Bloodborne, another critically acclaimed Action-RPG.

Dark Souls III has been available for PS4, Xbox One and PC for just under a week since its launch on April 12.