Sony Has Now Sold 40 Million PlayStation 4s Worldwide

The PlayStation 4 is seemingly the console that can’t be stopped with it outselling all other consoles on the market. Today Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 has reached 40 million consoles sold worldwide as of May 22nd.

Sony also confirmed that the PlayStation 4 remains Sony’s fastest-selling PlayStation console. Software sales on the now total 270.9 million, putting attach rate at 6 games per PlayStation 4 sold. This comes only days after Sony announced that Uncharted 4 had reached 2.3 Million copies sold.

With E3 only a few weeks away, it is expected by many that Sony will announce a new, more powerful PlayStation 4 at their annual press-conference, although as of now everything about this console is only rumor. You can follow all the news from the E3 show floor at CGMagazine, during the week of E3.