Pokemon-Themed New 3DS Announced In Japan

Pokemon-Themed New 3DS Announced In Japan

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Nintendo unveiled 2 limited editions of the New Nintendo 3DS for its release in Japan.

The special editions come in 2 designs: one in yellow featuring series mascot Pikachu, and one in black featuring the new Legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala. Both versions retail for 20,304 yen (or $199 USD).

In addition, a special double pack featuring both Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available at launch, featuring what appears to be physical copies of both games. The pack comes with a download code for 100 Poke Balls.

It is currently unknown if any of these bundles will hit North America. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon release worldwide on November 18th.

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