Sean Murray Confirms No Man's Sky Players are in "Shared Universe"

Sean Murray Confirms No Man's Sky Players are in

The launch of No Man's Sky is finally here, but people find that it is not living up to expectations. Today, Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games and creator of No Man's Sky, confirmed via twitter that the game does, in fact, have multiplayer.

In a series of tweets, Murray outlined that "we want people to be aware they are in a shared universe. We added online features, and some Easter Eggs to create cool moments." He goes on to say that "we hope to see those happening... but too many of you are playing right now. More than we could have predicted. It is a testament to how amazing our network coders are that Discoveries are still working at all."

With No Man's Sky only being out for a short while, and the team at Hello Games being small, this sort of thing is only to be expected. Even big games face these sort of online issues, sometimes even limiting people's access to the game entierly.

The sheer scope of the game is immense, and with the game building more of the universe as it goes, there is no telling what new things could be discovered. To highlight the scope of the game, even this early on, Murray outlines that "over night we hit 10 million species discovered in NMS... that's more than has been discovered on earth."

While the issues regarding people not able to find friends in the world are not major, they do point to the issue many people have anticipated with the title: the game may not live up to its audiences heightened expectations. While few details came out about the game before launch, people and press had built preconceptions based on what the game could be, going far beyond what Hello Games have promised.

No Man's Sky takes players to a galaxy of planets where the game randomly creates new and exciting worlds to explore. Each world will have something different ensuring there are always things to do and places to go. No Man's Sky is currently available for PS4 and will be out on PC on August 12.

  • Mark Matheson

    I thought it was a Massively Multiplayer Be The First To Give Something A Name Game (MMBTFTGSANG) - plays like single player though!

  • BelAirBoss

    I'm enjoying the game so far. I've played about five hours and haven't even left my origin planet yet, but I've been having a blast discovering new creatures, a cave, a monolith, a settlement, etc. etc. Next time I play into space I go. I'm having a great time with's gameplay style is very addicting for me so far. I don't know if that will remain after exploring a number of planets....will there be enough variation to keep me wanting to see more? I hope so, but for right now it's great.

    From the first time I saw the reveal trailer, all I really wanted from the game was exploration. So for me, if the thrill of discovery was all the game had to offer, that would have been enough for me. The best part of this game, at least in my mind, is traveling to a new planet or galaxy and not knowing what you'll find and discover. I look forward to experiencing the mysteries that are out there that even the developers have not found. The fact that I could be the only person who will ever see a planet, star, black hole, etc. is very intriguing to me.

  • Hannover Fisst

    Yeah, I enjoyed my first 5 hours too, but then the game just became repetitious and boring. You're supposedly discovering and naming all these places and all these planets yet there's clearly been others there before you since I keep finding abandoned habitats and alien outposts on every planet. It doesn't take long for everything to start looking very similar. Clearly this is not what we were promised. This is not a $60 game. More like $19.99.