Sony Reveals More PlayStation 4 Pro Details

Sony Reveals More PlayStation 4 Pro Details 2

In the wake of this afternoon's press conference, Sony has rolled out some specifics pertaining to its upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console.

For starters, it has been confirmed that the Pro will offer "support for faster frame rates" for select titles. They have noted that consumers should look for packaging emblazoned with a "PS4 Pro Enhanced" icon. This makes it crystal-clear that only some titles will offer enhanced support, similar to the New Nintendo 3DS. Confirmed titles as of this writing include Deus Ex: Mankind DividedCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Uncharted 4.

Also worth noting is the 4K capabilities. Sony and Microsoft have both touted their 4K features, but it's a bit misleading. Specifically, the PlayStation 4 Pro can support "4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling for video content." Much like the Xbox One S, this means that the support is only for 4K video, with games being aided by the HDR functionality. Some might be disappointed by this news, but frankly, it's unrealistic to expect 4K gaming on a console anytime soon. It's still a relatively recent innovation in PC gaming, so it won't be on consoles for quite some time.

Sony Reveals More PlayStation 4 Pro Details 3

Some nitty-gritty details provided give us a look under the hood. Its main processor is an 8 core AMD Jaguar. In other words, it's still the same class of processor the PS4s and Xbox Ones use. In line with this, it will still use an AMD Radeon-based graphics card, now running at 4.20 TFLOPS, compared to 1.84 TFLOPS seen in standard PS4 units. Both are low-power products, but the ones specifically used in consoles do have a bit more juice than the commercially available ones.

In addition, the Pro will offer a terabyte of storage capacity. This is significantly more than the Slim or vanilla PS4s, which still have 500 GB standard. The PlayStation Pro will also support 5GHz WiFi out of the box bringing it inline with more modern WiFi standards. It is worth noting that the PlayStation 4 Pro will not be increasing the RAM allotment compared to a standard PlayStation 4, shipping with only 8GB GDDR5.

Basically, the PlayStation 4 Pro is going to be Sony's answer to the Xbox One S. 4K video, HDR, and improved gameplay/visuals on certain video games, much like that console. Of course, we'll have to wait until the system's actually on the market to see if it's of comparable quality, as I've heard pretty solid things about the One S so far.

The PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim were both pretty major announcements today, all told. While the press conference itself was full of non-speak, I'm definitely interested in the Pro, maybe even over the Slim. Despite not having any interest on dropping the money on a 4K TV anytime soon, the promised HDR functionality is enough to pique my curiosity.


    "Promised HDR functionality is enough to pique my curiousity....." Why is that...? What does HDR offer now on a console that will make it that much better...!? Because if you do not want to buy a new tv.....then you can forget about HDR functionality all together. To be honest I haven't heard of a TV that is older than a year or two being released that has HDR support, so I would love to know where this thought is coming from with you.

    The new road map (information) as set forth from Sony themselves with the release of this information has done more damage than good already. I'm sitting back with my popcorn and awaiting the influx of PR smashery to come spewing forth. I just do not understand where these guys are coming from. The only thing I can think is that Sony got caught off guard with their pants down when regarding their newest system and its capabilities. I just wish they had spent as much time on their newest system instead of their VR garbage.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      AS A huge sony and playstation fan, I'm really disappointed about the ps4 pro.
      Just like, ex, the choice of expensive proprietary memory cards for the vita, that nobody wanted or understood,
      not having ultra hd bluray support on the ps4 pro, that people will buy just to connect it to their 4k tv, is another stupid decision that will leave people scratching their head.
      Also, not upgrading the console to 16gb of gddr5 JUST MEANS the ps4 pro 'optimized' games will be using EXACTLY the same assets as the normal version. Games will look better because the antialiasing processing will be superior, framerate will be superior, and textures will have less compression, thus, making the whole game look better.

      With 16gb of memory, and 4.2 tflops (vs 1.8tflops) one would expect some game updates might have enabled the usage of some 'photorealistic' or 'ultra-quality' texture packs, that would make games look like they were running on a 5k dollars computer. But no. They choose 8gb to keep it 100% identical,

      This is sony's attempt to grab some pc gamers who want to play on consoles with a similar quality, and also a way to 'test' the market, and avoid people waiting for the xbox scorpio and not buying a ps4.

      That way, they will have more time to know what's inside the scorpio, they will test some firmwares, and, surprise, when the scorpio finally gets released, by oct-nov 2017, sony will announce, at E3 2017, a new upgraded ps4 pro 'jupiter'', that will have 24 or 32gb of new stacked hbm memory, a 16-24 core amd cpu, a faster gpu, for a total of 8-9 tflops.
      Because no way sony will let microsoft stay in the market with the 'most powerful console'. Just like they didn't want the x1 s to be more powerful than the ps4, with the ps4 pro, they will remain 'the most powerful' , until the scorpio/ ps4 pro v2 comes out in 1 year.
      People wanting the best looking games and the most powerful console, will pick a ps4 pro.


        "Yup......!" Couldn't agree more.....


        Really sad isn't it when the company that has a headlock on things does some really.......REALLY dumb shite.....!.!

      • Spenok

        The next console from Sony after the Pro will be the PS5. Not another upgraded PS4. This is intended to be optional for those who want it to have something to use on their 4K TVs, or for those who haven't jumped into the current gen yet. For those who already have a PS4, and are content. There is ZERO need for this. Unless you just want prettier graphics.

      • J.j. Barrington

        Fake fans are fake. Haven't I seen you around N4G trolling Sony articles?

  • MS

    "Basically, the PlayStation 4 Pro is going to be Sony's answer to the Xbox One S. 4K video, HDR, and improved gameplay/visuals on certain video games, much like that console. Of course, we'll have to wait until the system's actually on the market to see if it's of comparable quality, as I've heard pretty solid things about the One S so far."

    What!? Are you stupid or something? First of all, Pro is not Sony's answer to One S , the Slim is. And you'll have to wait to see if its as good as the S? Are you new to video games? Moronic!

    • Jon Doe

      You do know that the Slim is pretty much the same as the regular PS4 right? From that standpoint, the Pro is more similar to the One S than to Scorpio.

      Based on the "reports" Scorpio should "blow out of the water" the Pro but that's to be seen... till that happens the Pro will be the more powerful console even though it has less functionality.

  • J.j. Barrington

    But the Xbox 1 S is a Slim that addresses shortcomings of the vanilla console; the Pro is not... because there's a PS4 Slim, as well.

    C'mon, man...

    • Spenok

      Yeah this guy is an idiot.

      • J.j. Barrington

        I just don't get it. Do these people think folks are that ignorant?

        I mean, sure, they'll get the fanboys. But do they honestly believe people are falling for this crap?

        • Spenok

          The problem is many people ARE this ignorant. They don't know the difference, and most don't do any real research. Especially when it comes to technical specs. I used to work in a game store, and was even the general manager for almost 4 years. Most people just don't get into this kind of stuff. They see the games, and the "Better" or "More powerful" statements, and think that's enough to make an informed decision.

          I mean, not to get political on you, but look at most voters, they don't know a damn thing about who or what they're voting for when it comes to new laws, and state their opinions. It's the same thing with games.

          • J.j. Barrington


            Sometimes, I have to admit I have a bit too much faith in humanity. Because I do the research, I assume others would at least do as much. But then, I'm something of a freak of nature, anyway, so I shouldn't expect that what makes sense to me is the same for others.

            Which is why, I suppose, I can't help but make my way to articles like this and say SOMETHING: if I had complete faith, I would write this stuff off as nonsense nobody would pay any attention to, and not even bother commenting on it. Guess that means my faith isn't so high, after all.

  • Guest

    As a PlayStation 4 enthusiast, I am personally disappointed by this announcement. By releasing underpowered hardware this year along with VR which, IMHO think will ultimately flop, it gives Microsoft the perfect opportunity to release next-gen right with Scorpio. With stronger hardware, better timing (more 4K TV's in homes, component pricing) and a fresh backwards compatible slate, it looks like Phil Spencer and company are in for a good Xmas next year. I hope for Sony's sake the Pro goes over well because it would suck to see Sony out of the gaming business.

    • Spenok

      Uh... you do realize MS has said the Scorpio is to the Xbone what the Pro is to the PS4? Meaning it's not a next gen system, and every game will be available on Xbone and Scorpio minus VR titles...

      You're also rather hilarious comment about Sony going out of business just makes no sense. They are in such a good position with Playstation it would literally take them losing all sales from now on to kick them out of the business.

      PS4 Pro is intended to be an optional console. For those who already have one, as well as a 4K TV and want the upgrade. Such as people like me. I was able to watch the games in 1080p, then in their native PS4 Pro output at an Upscaled 2160p (4K), and it was a significant upgrade.

      It is also for those who have yet to buy into the current gen, and want options. Is the cheaper PS4 Slim the better option because they don't have a 4K TV? Or do they want the extra power and graphical output of the PS4 Pro so they can get better framerates and more consistent 1080p? That's the point, it's a CHOICE! This isn't next gen, it's a mid console upgrade, and so is the Scorpio.

      They're optional. However if you look at the target specs of the Scorpio you'd be a fool to think that will be priced anywhere near the PS4 Pro. MS has already gone on record saying it will be a premium console, so don't expect it to be cheap. If you look at the price of those alone, and then in a console, they could easily charge $1000+ for it. Although they will likely take a hit, and charge around the $800 range. Which if they charge more than $600 (which is pretty much guaranteed based on those specs), they won't really have much of an advantage other than in more powerful hardware.

      • SameGame

        Spin it how you want - these are both next gen consoles (PS4Pro v Scorpion). Define a next gen console to me - without that argument applying here as well. I'm for it either way though. I don't have to buy every one and I'm hoping I can skip every other upgrade. So, this gen (3 years) I'll get a Playstation, and next gen I'll get an XBox., see Hopefully PS can integrate backwards compatibility the way Microsoft is going more PC-like. Than I can play mostly what I wanted. It's a win/win for consumers - as long as you're not in the subset of people who NEED every new iterations of a console, every time something slightly better comes along. For those people - which I am borderline one of them, it will be expensive.

        • J.j. Barrington

          "these are both next gen consoles"

          No, they're not.

          "Define a next gen console to me"

          Hmm... well, one thing that will prevent the Pro from being next gen is that it won't have a separate library from the PS4. There's also the fact that it wouldn't represent a significant jump in capability.

          Oh, and the fact that it's still a PS4.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Sorry, I lol'ed.

      You're no PlayStation 4 enthusiast. You're not even a gaming enthusiast. If you were, you couldn't possibly think this would be enough to push Sony out of gaming.

      That's just one of MANY mistakes you made in your "enthusiast" remark.

      • Guest

        You evidently haven't been seeing the feedback everyone is giving regarding the Pro and it's many missteps at the conference. Do you remember what happened to Microsoft at E3 2013...I do. They are still suffering for it. But Microsoft is in a much better position now due to Sony's gaffe, and Sony is in no financial position to screw it all up now. Let's hope not. Cheers! PS: The PS4 is perfectly fine the way it is until the PS5 is released, this stopgap measure may sell a gazillion, but keep an open mind that it can fall flat on it's face due to being out too early, considering the market isn't large enough yet in the 4K sector for gamers to care. That said I hope it does phenomenally.

        • J.j. Barrington

          "You evidently haven't been seeing the feedback everyone is giving"

          Oh, I have. Lots of Xbox fanboys and trolls downplaying it, and a lot of people who have a better grasp on what the console is than folks like you do.

          "But Microsoft is in a much better position now due to Sony's gaffe"

          I'm sorry, what? What position is that? What gaffe has Microsoft taken advantage of?

          "Sony is in no financial position to screw it all up now."

          You can't possibly be thinking correctly if you believe getting the PS4 Pro wrong could remotely come close to bankrupting them. Even if PlayStation folded, Sony would continue on, as that's how the company is designed. But you know that, right? Being an enthusiast and all.

          "but keep an open mind that it can fall flat on it's face due to being out too early, considering the market isn't large enough yet in the 4K sector for gamers to care"

          That's why it's being sold as a premium model ALONGSIDE the normal PS4: it's not meant to be the full step into 4K gaming. Pretty sure Sony went over that, too. If only you had been paying attention- like an actual enthusiast- you would have a better understanding of ALL these things you're talking about.

        • Randall Tolentino

          VR better be good selling point or Sony will be sinking ship and let's not forget how much money Sony put into PSVR headset

  • Orko

    It really urks me that they're now pushing for 4K, when same gen they could BARELY even successfully reach full 1080p.

    • J.j. Barrington

      You understand that that decision is up to developers, don't you?

      • Orko

        I understand that this whole sudden push for 4K gaming is totally premature. Let's perfect/master 1080p/60fps gaming before trying to advance 4 times as far (and during the same gen no less!). Does NOT make any sense to me whatsoever

        • J.j. Barrington

          Thank you for clarifying: you actually DON'T understand at all.

      • Soda Popinski

        The powers that be, the head decision makers at Sony are ultimately to blame here, not the developers. Orkos right, this is f*cking stupid to think a $100 upgrade is going to take you from subpar 1080p to 4K gaming. 1080p/60fps across the board should be the gaming industry as a whole's focus/goal right now. Leave 4K gaming for the next gen in the coming few years. Big mistake imho

        • J.j. Barrington

          Well, you are, indeed, as lost as Orko. So, sorry, but you humble opinion isn't worth much.

          • Trinity

            Ummmm yeah, I'll 3rd for Orko and Sodas opinion here. Which jives with pretty much every other public opinion I've seen/read online thus far on this matter, except yours that is. Your entitled sense of supreme knowledge is hilarious btw

          • J.j. Barrington

            You see what you want to see. Particularly if you're aligning yourself with those two.

            But what you want to see isn't necessarily what IS.

  • Randall Tolentino

    Im waiting for the Xbox scorpio fall 2017 launch which is a beast compared to ps4 pro