Poor Sales Continue as Quantum Break Hits Steam

Poor Sales Continue as Quantum Break Hits Steam

Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break just can’t quite break free of its mediocre sales. When the game first came out in April for PC and Xbox One, the time-manipulation action-oriented platforming title was critically acclaimed among reviewers as a proper spiritual successor to Remedy’s Alan Wake. This makes sense, of course: The time mechanics in Quantum Break follow in the same vein as the use of light and darkness within the critically and commercially acclaimed popular action-psychological horror title. But now that Quantum Break has hit Steam, the game’s numbers aren’t promising, according to Steam Spy.

As the site reports, there’s approximately 51,790 owners of Quantum Break on Steam, with a margin of error around 5,496. In the past two weeks, the average playtime rested around four hours and 52 minutes, meaning most players are clocking out within five hours of play. Approximately 31,554 people played Quantum Break in the last two weeks, with a margin of error for 4,545 players. For a major new IP title from Microsoft, those are incredibly low numbers for a launch on Steam.

This, of course, falls in line with earlier reports on Quantum Break‘s sales across PC and Xbox. As Daniel Ahmad pointed out on Twitter in May, the game “didn’t bomb” but still demonstrated “very poor performance” when it hit as a new IP. In June, the game failed to sell over 200,000 units at US retail stores, and the Japanese market hardly batted an eye at the game itself, only moving an additional 5 units between one week.

Microsoft’s decision to put Quantum Break on Steam was obviously an attempt to bolster the game’s sales. But Steam Spy’s data suggests the game’s release on Valve’s platform hasn’t changed much. Microsoft will certainly need to rethink their approach to major new IPs with Quantum Break‘s inability to move large sales numbers in its lifetime.


  1. Tis a Shame. It’s actually a really good game. The graphics are beautiful and the game play is captivating. My only complaint is the windows store version runs horribly unless you run it at Xbox resolutions. Even then there are stutters and glitches galore. Fortunately I was lucky enough to get a refund from Microsoft for it and immediately bought the steam version which runs significantly better. I think if they give it another good marketing push they could easily boost those numbers.

    • The game wouldn’t have sold squat on PS4. Once you beat the game twice, you may as well use the disc as a coaster. It only takes 2 runs to see the 2 different storylines in each episode. Weak for a 2016 game with no Multiplayer to keep you going.

      • the order sold over 1.7 million on ps4 so i’m pretty sure queantum break would’ve sold over 1 million on ps4

        • I was referring to Quantum Break. You know, the game the article is about?

          P.s. I have never heard of The Order. Considering how deep I am in the game news, that means it made no noise what so ever. Must not be that good. Oh wait, it’s on PlayStation. Explains a lot. Playstation is garbage. ;-D

          • ahahahah how fucking old are you!!? you LITERALLY sound 11… It didnt make a splash you say..? Sold 1.7 million lool you’ve heard of Quantum Break and THAT didnt sell half a million so where does your logic begin to make sense!? loool dumbass.. not so deep into this ‘game news’ thing are you then?

            Also The Order is that game with the best graphics in games to date!

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  2. I honestly don’t understand why the new IP isn’t selling well, other than the fact Microsoft are doing too much of a good job at pumping out franchise classics, and there’s an overload of games available on the platform… backwards compatibility bringing back 360 classics might not help either! Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, and Quantum Break are easily up there with established franchises… they just need to work out how to get people buying them, and funding sequels might help establish a franchise, as new IP often bombs. It’s not like there aren’t many Xbox One’s around, it has to be at least 30m now, as the 20m figure is over a year old, and 6m were sold in last years Christmas period… and it’s been outselling the PS4 by 100,000’s of units. I think it’s just a case of game overload!

    • thing is, microsoft isn’t good at making games. that’s why microsoft’s games don’t sell, it’s as simple as that…

      • Which bit was bullshit? There’s no real reason why new IP on the Xbox One sells badly, other than poor promotion, or there’s something more known to spend your money on. When Sunset Overdrive was free on gold, people were raving how great it is… I just don’t think you can make a singular game anymore, just like you can’t make a single season for a tv show… just look how Netflix shows have become cult hits over night, and are rivalling regular tv shows in ratings.

        • Everything you said was questionable, and that’s being kind…. from “Microsoft are doing too much of a good job at pumping out franchise classics” to “there’s an overload of games available on the platform” to “Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, and Quantum Break are easily up there with established franchises” to “I think it’s a case of game overload”….I mean, you’re going to have to do better than that. All the points you tried to make are opinion, and don’t really have any basis in reality based on the numbers available.

          You’re turning your personal opinion and trying to establish it as fact. But in fact, many argue Microsoft doesn’t produce enough games period, and when you consider every single year there seems to be a drought from march to october when there are no new games coming from Microsoft, it’s hard to argue that, especially when compared to the number of titles Sony puts out, which, coincidentally are not only more in number but review on average higher than what Microsoft is producing.

          In addition, Quantum Break didn’t review all that well, so expecting it to be a blockbuster is unreasonable. Ryse reviewed horribly. Sunset Overdrive reviewed well enough, but it’s not the type of game that has ever sold particularly well on xbox consoles….they don’t do enough of that type of game often enough to establish any kind of following for it. It would have done far better on Sony or Nintendo platforms because there is a larger base for those type of games on those platforms.

          I will grant you that sometimes even games that review very well don’t sell, for no apparent particular reason. And for those games, perhaps sometimes you can point to lack of marketing or having a bad release period where it has to compete with bigger titles. But you cannot consider any of the games you listed to be in that group…they don’t fit in either scenario

          • Well thanks for your opinion, I’m sure we could both find stuff to validate what we’ve said… in fact I know I could. I just don’t understand why you’re spending your time attacking my opinion. I actually enjoyed playing these games, I was just throwing reasons out there, to why they might not have sold well. Especially when established IP on the Xbox One has outsold all established IP sold on the PS4 by a considerable margin. But alas this was not an argument about consoles. So I leave you with this… I get the feeling you don’t like Microsoft very much, and I doubt you even own an Xbox One at all, so why are you here? Go enjoy your PS4, play your PSVR, and enjoy the games you have. If I was you, I’d spend your time improving your own community. Enjoy your day =)

          • As usual, your kind is always confused. I like Microsoft fine…I still own an xbox 360, among the various consoles I own, along with a windows pc and surface book. You’re right, I don’t own an Xbox One, but that is due to it being what I think is a substandard console, not because it’s a Microsoft product. Wake up.

          • See you’re judging me again… “my kind”. I used to love Sony products, I literally had everything Sony, and high end too… I just slowly moved away from them. Yes the Xbox One has it’s faults, but we are waaaaay beyond the topic, and my point was I liked the games… shame they haven’t done well. That is all.

          • If that was all you said, I would not have responded. But that was not what you said. Perhaps you should re-read your initial post. And when you make assumptions such as presuming I must not like Microsoft very much simply because I stated fact, not opinion, you kind of deserve the berating.

  3. I own and liked QB. However, it is a Renting game. It isn’t worth 60$ as it has little replay value, no Multiplayer or even a Batman: Arkham like challenge mode. There’s just one mode, story. Not even a long story. Even Rise of the Tomb Raider had a challenge mode and later added Multiplayer.

    • That doesn’t explain why similar games on the PS4 – and they arguably have many more exclusives that are single player, with no replay value, still sell comparatively better.

      • Maybe because most PS users enjoy gaming alone. It was around before online gaming. Xbox made online gaming on consoles popular. Where as Sony made amazing games like FF7, persona, and much more. Sony is just better at Solo games, and IMO Quantum Break was mediocre at best.

        • I think you’re probably right tbf, each platform does tend to polarise towards single player or multiplayer exclusives, both having their issues. I’m playing Quantum Break now, and I quite like how it’s a TV series too. I like how easy it is to pick up and play, and isn’t horrifically challenging… I hate games that are incredibly hard to defeat. Anyhow thanks for a good reply =)

  4. The game is actually a descent little single player game.. whether its worth full price is up for debate of course but each to their own.. the game was enjoyable form what i played even if the time manipulation powers became a bit ‘spammy’ after the 10th wave of enemies i faced….

    The simple truth is that Xbox fans DONT support new IPs! it’s all well and good defending MS and saying that they release soo many games when the Xbox is dubbed the ‘Hale/Gears/forza Box’… But UNTIL you all actually start going out to stores and supporting these games when they come out dont bother defending!! Xbox fans in their majority do NOT support these games and they never will! So games outside Forza, Halo and Gears WILL NOT SELLL WELL!!!! im just waiting to see the actual numbers for Horizon 2 and Gears 4 tbh…

  5. I can’t believe this game didn’t do well. I mean, I loved the game. This game is so immersive that I used to play this game for straight ~7 hours, with reading all the story and diaries notes in the game. It is a masterpiece in almost every aspect, be it story, graphics, gameplay, series episodes,etc,etc.


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