Ghostlight Announces Lost Dimension Port to PC

Lost Dimension Announced for PC

European publisher Ghostlight, announced today that they are working on porting the PlayStation 3 and Vita title Lost Dimension to PC later this year.

The PC version of Lost Dimension will support multiple screen resolutions along with controller support. It will also have newly added Steam Achievements and cloud saving. The port will reuse the localisation originally provided by Atlus and will feature higher resolution artwork than the original release. The publisher has promised to attempt to improve the technical specs on the title, a problem that hindered the original release. Ghostlight is also considering the idea of offering a digital collector’s edition, although nothing has been confirmed.

Lost Dimension released in 2014 and was developed by Lancarse, a studio that helped Atlus to develop Etrian Odyssey one and two, as well as Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey for the Nintendo DS.

Lost Dimension is a Japanese tactical RPG with an interesting story, filled with surprises. Taking place in the near future, players control 18 year old Sho Kasugai, a member of a secret service group given the the task of investigating a giant pillar that appeared in the world for unknown reasons. Together with his team, players ascend through levels of the pillar while engaging in a visual novel style story, determining the fates of different characters by certain actions taken. Sho can utilize the ability to foresee events in the future before they occur, giving him the chance to alter these different outcomes.

Lost Dimension received positive review scores in both Japan and in the west but met with low sales numbers.

Ghostlight is a British video game publisher, formed in 2004. The company has localized a number of Japanese RPGs in Europe starting with Atlus titles on the PlayStation 2. More details of the upcoming port can be found on Ghostlight’s official blog.