River City Ransom Underground To Receive Soundtrack Change After Legality Issues

Last week, River City Ransom Underground received a DMCA takedown notice and was promptly removed from Steam.

It was discovered that the DMCA takedown was in lieu of legal issues surrounding the game’s soundtrack. Conatus Creative have since then announced that they will change the soundtrack of the game in order to avoid further legal issues and get the game back up on Steam as soon as possible.

River City Ransom Underground To Receive Soundtrack Change After Legality Issues 1

even though they are legally in the right, Conatus Creative have has stated that they will change the soundtrack of River City Ransom Underground. They have stated that they don’t want to spend additional time thinking about the false DMCA complaint that plagues the game on YouTube and Twitch.

Conatus’s lawyers have issued a statement in regards to the DMCA orders filed against the company, and they have assured that Alex Mauer’s claims have no legal basis and that the soundtrack’s composer was fully paid for the rights for the Kickstarter funded title.

The trouble surrounding the title began last week, after composer Alex Mauer requested a DMCA, or a Digital Millennium Copyright Act against River City Ransom Underground, specifically due to the soundtrack of the game, claiming that the games company never got her signature and go-ahead to use her music in the game.

Mauer claimed that Conatus got only one signature, from the composer Disasterpeace and that she was cut out of the deal. In addition to the removal of the game from Steam, Mauer placed several more DMCA requests on YouTube videos of the game prior.

This isn’t the first time Mauer stirred up some controversy against a game, the composer has a reputation for it. She previously requested several other DMCA warrants on other titles such as Starr Mazer including death threats against Youtubers amongst other questionable emails and acts of aggression.

It is currently unclear what fate has in store for River City Ransom Underground. Once Conatus changes the soundtrack of the title, it should once again become available for purchase on Steam.