Our New Consoles Are Now Playing The Waiting Game

Our New Consoles Are Now Playing The Waiting Game

Our New Consoles Are Now Playing The Waiting Game

Wayne Santos

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Our New Consoles Are Now Playing The Waiting Game

If you’re the proud new owner of a Wii U, then this article isn’t really talking about you. But if you got a PS4 or Xbox One at launch, or unwrapped one during the holiday season, you’re probably already aware that there’s one game you’ll be playing more than any other with your new machine; the waiting game.

For myself, I’m not a huge fan of online, competitive multiplayer. I love multiplayer, but I get more enjoyment from co-op experiences, preferably local, such as Diablo or Borderlands. That’s one of the reasons why, since the I got my PS4 at launch back in November, the sole platinum trophy I currently have on my PS4 is for LEGO Marvel Superheroes, a game I ordinarily wouldn’t have added to my library. However, because of the launch drought, and an urgent desire to get more out of my latest hardware, I bought it, enjoyed it, and played it in co-op.

Now with that, Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack, and even Assassin’s Creed IV all completed, I’m facing the same situation many other new console owners are dealing with. Unless you’re a huge fan of Lara Croft in all her incarnations, there’s really no other major games to look forward to until we get closer to March. Sony, Microsoft and the attendant console publishers have released all their big games, and are going into hibernation until spring starts peeking around the corner.

Our New Consoles Are Now Playing The Waiting Game

This is not to say that absolutely nothing is coming out. Indies and DLC can be a saving grace in these lean times, so games like Don’t Starve and add-ons like Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle will manage to squeak out a bit more game time on the new machines. Other than that, there’s really only Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition in late January, but Square-Enix is playing a game of chicken with consumers, asking them to buy a game that came out last year—with the last gen version currently selling at $30 or less. Most hardcore gamers will have already played this game, but Squenix is hoping that people wanting to really see what their system can do will pay full price for what amounts to an “HD+ remaster” of the game, at a full retail price of $60.

Some people will buy it. If you’ve never played the game before, then it’s actually hard to argue with wanting the best console version available. Others may buy it out of sheer desperation, since there’s so little to play on the new consoles right now. The rest of us, however, may be simply going back to our older machines. Over the course of Christmas vacation, I’ve used my own PS4 largely for watching Blu-Rays and streaming Netflix. On the other hand, the PS3 has gotten in some serious playtime with season two of The Walking Dead, playing through Batman: Arkham Origins, and recently downloading Dragon’s Dogma thanks to Playstation Plus, while another free game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will also be coming out, in addition to DMC: Devil May Cry and Bioshock Infinite. Playstation Plus alone still has a few games that I haven’t tried out, like Binary Domain, and with the dearth of titles on my shiny new console, I’ll probably continue to use my PS3 as a mainstay gaming device until perhaps February. The new Thief game will be releasing across all major consoles on February 25th, and that will finally signal the tip of a gaming ice berg that will include Infamous: Second Son, Titanfall and Watch_Dogs.

I’m not complaining about the lack of games. It’s something I’ve been expecting, since I’ve gone through the launch of a new console generation quite a few times over the history of gaming. But it does reinforce the same the sentiment that I had when both the Xbox One and PS4 launched back in November. When you buy these machines now, you’re investing in the future. For the present, these machines, while promising, are quite limited in terms of library, and even functionality, as a lot of the promised OS features—such as game suspension on the PS4, or robust, easy party chat on the Xbox One—are still missing right now. These will be good systems with great features and great games in time. But at the beginning of 2014? Not so much.

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  1. jakdripr

    And this right here is why I’ve held off on buying a ps4 till at least a year in, maybe even two. If the console was BC I would have bought one in a heartbeat, but I’m not paying $400 for what will amount to a blu-ray player/netflix streaming service, especially when they’ll probably announce better value deals on them as time goes by.

    The real meaty games don’t start coming out till a year or two into a consoles lifecycle so I can wait. There are still TONS of ps3 games I haven’t played yet, even some new good looking one’s coming out down the line.

    • Kasual7

      If it wasn’t for bf4, I would have have skipped the launch sale.

  2. JimmyNice

    Depends on the experiences you want. There were games only on PS4 I wanted to play now… and some that I had never jumped into on PS3 (DC Online Universe) that are now fresh experiences for me. Resogun, Contrast, Knack, Killzone, DCOU… have all kept me busy and I haven’t even booted up Warframe or the demos for Trine 2 or Lego Marvel… The real reason I had to get a PS4… which I’m sure many will laugh at… were the indies. Don’t Starve, Daylight and Outlast were the must have games for me from E3… and I don’t have a gaming PC right now. So knowing I would get a nice stream of high quality indies + multi-system games + Sony studio exclusives AND for $100 less then XB1, there was just no question. I completely understand those that are feeling a drought… but it’s pretty good right now by my perspective. Especially when I look back at my Atari NES & SNES days when you launched with 2 or 3 games max and had maybe 10 – 20 games total lifetime. For gamers, no matter what your preferred flavor of gaming… it just keeps getting better.

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