Top Five Romance Video-Games

Who Says Gamers Can't Love?

Top Five Romance Video Games

James Griffin

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Top Five Romance Video Games

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we here at CGM have compiled your Top 5 Favorite Romance Games. We all have a favorite one, but these are the ones we all agree on. Without further ado:

5. Shadow Of The Colossus.

Top Five Romance Video Games


SOTC is not only a love-story between a man and a woman, but a man and his horse. We won’t spoil anything, but that damn animal is a love letter to all action gamers out there.


4. Mass Effect

Top Five Romance Video Games


Ever wonder what it’s like to bang an alien? Mass Effect lets you do that. Allowing you to choose between a host of woman, and get to know their deepest darkest secrets is special; giving us gamers something artificial to hold on to (fictitious or not). Many a friend have fallen victim to that of Liara or Ashley, and we understand why.


3. Final Fantasy VIII:

Top Five Romance Video Games


While there is much dispute, Final Fantasy VIII was one of the first big-name JRPG’s to focus on a love story rather than saving the world. Squall and Rinoa’s story will forever be in our hearts, even if Squall is the gloomiest dude we’ve ever met.


2. Super Mario Bros.

Top Five Romance Video Games

Nothing like a damsel in distress story; especially when it’s one of the earliest. If you look at it one way, Mario is a romantic story between a plumber and a princess. There’s no way we’d leave out this perennial classic.


1. Catherine

Top Five Romance Video Games


Catherine makes the argument that we need more romance in video-games. Bringing a mature look at what makes a relationship, it asks deep questions about what kind of situation you want to be as you age. Married? Bachelor? Alone? It delves into our most personal beliefs. And for that, it’s hard to put Catherine anywhere but the top of this list.


Well there you have it, our top five love chapters in gaming. Did we miss any of your favorites? Persona 3, Zelda, Grand Theft Auto? Let us know in the comments below.

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