Brendan Frye

Brendan Frye
Brendan works as the full time editor-in-chief of Comics and Gaming Magazine, and part time as a developer, filmmaker, and laser disc collector.
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Greed Corp. (PC) Review 1

Greed Corp. (PC) Review

Remember when you and a group of friends would get together and have a board game night? There would be chips, drinks, pizza, and maybe a game of Catan. Well, Greed...
Split Second (PC) Review 2

Split Second (PC) Review

The arcade racer is something we all grew up with. It is a game that does not necessarily worry about realism. Instead, it frees up the controls, focuses on the fun,...
Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (PC) Review 1

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (PC) Review

Starcraft, released during March of 1998, was a phenomenon when it hit store shelves. With a concept that expanded on the Warcraft II formula, Starcraft launched the original Orcs and Humans...
Vanquish - 2010-07-09 05:59:00


The new game from Shinji Mikami, Vanquish, takes the standard cover based shooter and gives it a Japanese flavor. The kinetic look and feel of the game is a visual treat,...
Ghost Projekt Interview

Ghost Projekt Interview

Seven years ago, the Coalition of the Willing casually toppled Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard. Although the battle for Baghdad was relatively uneventful, the Western World was riddled with anxious questions about...
Natasha Eloi talks SPACE - 2010-06-15 23:06:00

Natasha Eloi talks SPACE

The Space Channel is Canada’s top source for space and science fiction related news and shows. Its newest addition, InnerSPACE, takes a fast paced, 30-minute look at what space has to...
Brian J. Smith and Louis Ferreira Talk Stargate Universe - 2010-06-09 23:03:00

Brian J. Smith and Louis Ferreira Talk Stargate Universe

Stargate after being on the air for fifteen years in one form or another has a new show, Stargate Universe. Taking what made the first set of shows (SG-1 and Atlantis)...
Disciples III: Renaissance Interview - 2010-06-09 22:26:00

Disciples III: Renaissance Interview

In stunning real-time 3D, Disciples III: Renaissance marks a striking rebirth for turn-based RPG strategy genre. Building upon the award-winning success of the Disciples series, the Russian software giants, Akella have...
Michael Ironside talks Splinter Cell - 2010-04-20 23:00:00

Michael Ironside talks Splinter Cell

Michael Ironside is a world renowned actor who has lend his voice to many memorable characters including Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher. He is a Canadian Native who has worked in all...