Brendan Quinn

Brendan Quinn
Brendan’s favourite things in the world are videogames, comic books, and snowboarding. Not talented enough to actually work in these industries, he is content to write about them.
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Are Marvel Execs Deliberately Killing The X-Men? - 2014-09-26 13:26:57

Are Marvel Execs Deliberately Killing The X-Men?

Ever since Disney acquired Marvel in August of 2009, the Marvel Studios cinematic universe has exploded. As comic fans we are finally realizing the dream of seeing our favourite characters on...
Will PG-13 ruin Deadpool? - 2014-09-25 13:36:50

Will PG-13 ruin Deadpool?

We are finally getting a Deadpool movie, but is it the Deadpool movie we want?After three years in a state of suspended animation, 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios announced on...