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Top 5 Boardgames to Give Your Friends (or Your Greedy Self) This Holiday

Video games are all well and good, but sometimes you just have to get down and dirty: roll some dice, place some meeples, and activate your trap card. The world of linen backed playing cards and cardboard has a little something for everyone, but with all the options, you may be at a loss for what to get the dice thrower in your life. Luckily, we have you covered here at CGM, even if they’re really just for your own collection. Boardgame aficionado, Lane Martin, has assembled a few of the finest games that will be sure to please anyone ... Read more

Pixels & Ink Podcast #275: The Shape of Bitcoin

This week, Brendan, Phil, and Lisa are joined by CGMagazine’s Senior PC Hardware Editor, Cole Watson to get some first impressions on the iPhone X and AMD’s latest contribution to pro gaming rigs, the Radeon Vega 56. With the Game Awards happening this week, the CGM crew talks about potential winners and their impressions of the nominees. After news that Steam will discontinue accepting Bitcoin as currency on their platform, the group discusses the economic impact this may have if the trend continues. Phil Brown talks about The Disaster Artist and The Shape of Water. First, he takes us down the unbelievable look at the ... Read more

Top 5 Collectables to Give Your Friends (or Your Greedy Self) This Holiday

‘Tis the season for giving, but sometimes picking out the perfect holiday gifts for the collectable fanatic or everyday fan is difficult. Luckily, CGMagazine’s resident expert on all things collectable is here to help you out. From figurines to toys to houseware, here are some ideal gifts for any fan in your life, or for your own collection. Blind Package Figures These are figures that are packaged in opaque packaging so the contents are a surprise. Why They’ll Love It: Blind package figures are a good choice because they come in a wide variety of fandoms, far too many to list. ... Read more

Top 5 Games for Switch to Give Your Friends (or Your Greedy Self) This Holiday

The Switch has had a breakout year in its debut. While its library is still relatively small, there’s still plenty to catch up on for those who will find Nintendo’s newest device under the tree this year. CGMagazine’s Kenneth Shephard makes your Holiday shopping easier with some suggestions that are sure to please anyone on your list, even if that someone is you. Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) – gameplay image via Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey puts a spin on Mario’s usual antics by taking him out of the Mushroom Kingdom and into several different worlds with different ... Read more

CGMagazine November 2017: Behind the Minds of the New Colossus

This month, CGMagazine takes a deep dive into the world of Wolfenstein II: The New Colosussus. B.J. Blazkowicz is back and he’s ready to fight back against the tyrannical Nazi regime in this latest instalment of the critically acclaimed Wolfenstein franchise. The November issue features Brendan Quinn’s exclusive interviews with the team behind Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Machine games, as well as our full-coverage review of this latest foray into the world of Wolfenstein. Brendan Frye talks with Monolith Productions about their latest release in the Middle Earth franchise, Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Lisa Mior talks with Wargaming‘ Arthur Plociennik about the past, present, and future of World of Warships. Here’s what ... Read more

CGMagazine December 2017: The Buyers’ Guide – Best of 2017 Edition

The 2017 CGMagazine Buyers’ guide is here! With guides to help you make the purchases for people on your holiday wishlist and selections of the best products of the year, this is an indispensable resource for the shopping season. Inside, you’ll find: Best of 2017: Action Game Best of 2017: Platformer Best of 2017: Simulation Game Best of 2017: Puzzle and Rhythm Games Best of 2017: RPG Best of 2017: Horror Game Best of 2017: Fighting Game Best of 2017: Strategy Game Best of 2017: Racing Game Best of 2017: Sports Game Best of 2017: Adventure/Visual Novel games Best of 2017: ... Read more

First Fifteen: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – “A Princely Welcome” + Opening Cinematic

Square Enix gives us a sneak peek into the world of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, with new footage of the opening cinematic and cutscene. The cutscene, titled A Princely Welcome, features a rather disoriented Noctus, of Final Fantasy XV fame, as he is suddenly dropped into the world of Dissidia from his own. He is greeted by Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) and later, the Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy). The opening cinematic features characters from across the Final Fantasy franchise, including newly added characters to this console installation of Dissidia Final Fantasy, from Final Fantasy XV, and Final Fantasy XIV.   Dissidia Final Fantasy NT makes it’s North American debut January 30, 2018 ... Read more

Dunkirk Blu-Ray Giveaway

CGMagazine is giving away more movies, this time Dunkirk! CGM has teamed up with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to give away some of the best movies in recent history. This month we are giving away Dunkirk. Own the Digital Movie on 12/12. Own the 4K Ultra HD™ and Blu-ray™ 12/19. Dunkirk opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights Reserved. Dunkirk Blu-ray Giveaway

Pixels & Ink Episode 274: Campfire Dragons

Join the CGM crew as they revisit the Battlefront II microtransactions fallout and net neutrality, take a look at Pixar’s Coco, and give reviews of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In the ever-evolving drama surrounding unfair microtransactions in EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II, people are seeking government action in regulating the gambling associated with loot boxes. But will this type of action help or hurt gaming? Brendan Frye leads the discussion as the team reflects on the actions taken by French Senator Jérôme Durain, Belgium Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, and Hawaiian State Representative, Chris Lee. ... Read more

First Fifteen: Battle Chef Brigade – Chapter 1

Join CGM’s Cole Watson as he takes you through the first chapter of the epic culinary adventure, Battle Chef Brigade! “In the fantasy realm of Victusia, the members of the elite Battle Chef Brigade are revered for their ability to skillfully take down monsters and transform their kills into delicious cuisine! But joining the brigade isn’t easy; chefs from across Victusia must vie for their spot in a high stakes competition. Play as two unique contestants, Mina and Thrash, as their journeys through the tournament unfold. Battle Chef Brigade is equal parts old-school brawler and combo puzzler with light RPG elements. The game features completely hand-drawn characters and enemies, two ... Read more

Pixels & Ink #273 – Microtransaction Blues

With the holidays just around the corner, the Pixels and Ink crew take to the airwaves to discuss all the things that are making fans upset this week. Phil, Jordan, Brendan and Lisa dive into EA Motive and the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Microtransaction fiasco. Players are not happy with how EA is dealing with loot boxes in the game, with the way the game is setup forcing players to either wait or pay to unlock the features that brought fans of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to the game in the first place. The discussion was recorded before EA put ... Read more

Doritos and MTN Dew Prize Pack Giveaway at Meltdown Toronto

CGM is teaming up with Doritos Canada to giveaway an exciting Doritos and MTN Dew prize pack! Doritos and MTN Dew have teamed up with Microsoft to giveaway one Xbox One X console every hour (between noon and midnight ET) every day from October 10, 2017 to January 7, 2018. How can you enter? Canadians can enter by using codes found on specially marked Doritos or MTN Dew products and entering the code on Codes are available on specially marked bags of Doritos Nacho Cheese, Sweet Chili Heat!, Zesty Cheese, and limited time only Sonic Sour Cream tortilla chips. ... Read more