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I'm your friendly neighborhood critic. Games and anime are my eternal jam. Occasionally funny.
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Pokémon GO Launches In Some Territories, Leaks Elsewhere

Pokémon GO Launches In Some Territories, Leaks Elsewhere

Would-be Pokémon trainers have started their quests to be the very best today with the arrival of Pokémon Go.  Pokémon Go rolled out last night on both iOS and Android devices. The hotly anticipated...
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U) Review

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U) Review

It’s an understatement to say I like the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. I’ve played every entry to hit the West, and am of the opinion that it’s the finest role-playing series...
New Iron Man Is An African-American Teenage Girl 1

New Iron Man Is An African-American Teenage Girl

The ending of Civil War II promises to leave the Marvel Universe changed in more ways than one. After major character deaths opening the series, writer Brian Michael Bendis confirms that the perennially popular...
K Station (PC) Review 3

K Station (PC) Review

Gaming has come a long way since Zork. The text-based adventure game blazed trails for its time, but in the decades since, gaming has gotten both more sophisticated and more readily...
Wasted (PC) Review 6

Wasted (PC) Review

I spent the first several minutes of Wasted crafting the perfect character using the game’s surprisingly robust customization tools. Every little detail, right down to thinking out the best name, was...
VA-11 Hall-A (PC) Review 7

VA-11 Hall-A (PC) Review

Larger-than-life experiences are a staple of many games, and for good reason. Nobody is going to raid a tomb, steal a sports car, or shoot a demon in their daily life....
Resident Evil VII Welcomes You To The Family 7

Resident Evil VII Welcomes You To The Family

While it might not be entirely fair to say that Resident Evil has been universally bad in recent years, the once-revered franchise has definitely seen better days. Recent entries have struggled to balance the...
Xbox E3 2016 Wrap Up 4

Xbox E3 2016 Wrap Up

Microsoft came out swinging at E3 this year, with two new console announcements and a whole slew of upcoming titles. Let's dig in! Xbox One S As per several prior leaks, the new,...
More Details on "Dishonored 2" Revealed 2

More Details on “Dishonored 2” Revealed

Set fifteen years after the first game, Dishonored 2 is confirmed to include Emily Kaldwin as the second playable character. Arkane Studios' sequel will give players the choice of playing as the previous game's...
"Prey" To Be Rebooted 1

“Prey” To Be Rebooted

After several cancellations, reboots, and false starts, it appears that Prey 2 has been officially halted. Arkane Studios, developer of the hit Dishonored, is now working on a reboot of franchise simply titled Prey. The cinematic...
"Skyrim" Remaster Announced 1

“Skyrim” Remaster Announced

Bethesda confirmed previous rumors during their press conference by announcing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition for current-gen consoles. This special edition is touted to include new lighting effects, improved water textures,...
"Quake Champions" Announced 1

“Quake Champions” Announced

On the heels of new entries in the Wolfenstein and Doom franchises, Bethesda kicked off their press conference with the announcement of Quake Champions. Announced as a PC exclusive, Quake Champions will be a multiplayer-focused arena shooter with a...