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Purple's Heart 11

Purple’s Heart

Ryan “Purple” Murphy-Root is determined to be king. But until that day, he's content to play the jester. “40 years from now,” Murphy-Root explains, “when I tell my grandkids what I did...
Preview: Should You Try the Smite Tactics Beta? 1

Preview: Should You Try the Smite Tactics Beta?

It is a universal truth that any game, of any genre, can be improved by the addition of a card battle system—and hey, maybe a tactical grid for good measure. The...
Zombie Night Terror (PC) Review

Zombie Night Terror (PC) Review

Plenty of games let you play a survivor in a zombie apocalypse, and they are ever so satisfying. You can avoid all the typical zombie-flick screw-ups, such as splitting from the...
Offworld Trading Company (PC) Review

Offworld Trading Company (PC) Review

You know that feeling. You just got through upgrading crop rotation and gold mining in Age of Empires II when a pack of Teutons crests over the hill and wipes you...
Spellweaver (PC) Review 7

Spellweaver (PC) Review

When Magic: The Gathering pioneered the trading card game genre more than 20 years ago, it got a shocking number of things right. Its living legacy is enormous. However, games that...
Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 (PC) Review 6

Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 (PC) Review

Albino Lullaby is different from other horror games. Most obviously, it’s marketed as avoiding cheap gore and jump scares—but the difference is deeper than that. In most horror media, something terribly wrong...
Lost Dimension (PS Vita) Review 1

Lost Dimension (PS Vita) Review

Treachery is hot right now. From party games like Resistance and Saboteur, to video games like Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Danganronpa, players have really embraced the surprise and...
Block N Load (PC) Reviw 7

Block N Load (PC) Reviw

If you just realized you left your curling iron on, feel free to step away from this review with a pretty solid idea of what Block N Load feels and plays...
Toren Preview - 2015-03-24 14:17:56

Toren Preview

With its large, vibrant and increasingly wealthy and learned population, Brazil may soon be a wellspring of great games. But that’s mostly a dream at the moment: as it stands, the...
ASUS G20 GeForce GTX 760 PC Review 1

ASUS G20 GeForce GTX 760 PC Review

The ASUS Republic of Gamers G20 is an odd little thing. It tackles odd little problems in odd little ways, but despite its mixed successes it never sacrifices core functionality. As...
Top Five Most Monstrous, Vile and All-Around Evil Villains in Gaming 1

Top Five Most Monstrous, Vile and All-Around Evil Villains in Gaming

Even more than in movies, television, books and plays, villains are crucial in video games. Stories can be about anything, but in a video game players need something to do and...
Abyss Odyssey (PC) Review 1

Abyss Odyssey (PC) Review

Abyss Odyssey disappoints – but not because it’s a bad game. No, Abyss Odyssey disappoints because every element looks astounding on paper. And then you pick up the controller. A Rich, Original...