Phil Brown

Phil Brown
Phil Brown is a film critic, comedy writer, and filmmaker who can be found haunting theaters and video stores throughout Toronto.
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The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review 1

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review

Like all Hollywood adaptations of the writings of Philip K. Dick, The Adjustment Bureau takes one of the influential author’s sci-fi thought experiments and transforms it into a thriller. Fortunately the...
Drive Angry 3D (Movie) Review 1

Drive Angry 3D (Movie) Review

Nicholas Cage can be a frustrating actor as his taste for cinematic fast food can often undermine his talent. Sure, it would be nice to see Cage focusing more on complex...
I Am Number Four (Movie) Review - 2011-02-15 21:49:23

I Am Number Four (Movie) Review

I Am Number Four is one of those great blockbuster anomalies: a movie that wants nothing more to give the audience a giddy sugar rush of entertainment, but is somehow boring...
Sanctum (Movie) Review 1

Sanctum (Movie) Review

James Cameron’s name is plastered all over the marketing material for Sanctum, but that’s more of a sign of desperation for a studio hungry to get Avatar-loving bodies into the theater...