Sabrina Biot

Sabrina Biot
Sabrina's an aspiring journalist, photographer, and videographer. She's currently in her final year of Journalism at Humber College. In her free time she's playing mobile games while commuting and instagramming cats.
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Linksys EA8500 Router (Hardware) Review 3

Linksys EA8500 Router (Hardware) Review

Losing internet connectivity, lagging, and buffering are considered the three most annoying things about the internet. Even the dial-tone of the 90s was more bearable than having to wait for a...
Dark Horror and Cheesy Humour - 2015-08-20 10:11:23

Dark Horror and Cheesy Humour

7th Guest is a PC game first released in 1993. Produced by Trilobyte Games, it is known for being one of the first games to be released on CD-ROM, having received...
Getting Intimate with Orcs - 2015-07-27 15:21:19

Getting Intimate with Orcs

There are a number of dating sims out on the market right now. Typically, they’re similar to Konami’s Tokimeki Memorial series, only featuring humans. The premise of these games typically involves...
Odallus: The Dark Call (PC) Review 3

Odallus: The Dark Call (PC) Review

In Odallus: The Dark Call, players are transported into a medieval fantasy world where evil creatures lurk around every corner. When the gods abandon their people, the town of Glenfinnan becomes...
Street Fighter V Beta Delayed 1

Street Fighter V Beta Delayed

Street Fighter V Beta has been Postponed to a later date. Capcom made the announcement today, apologizing for the large number of problems. They have said the reason for pulling it is to...
The Witcher III Gets NG+ DLC - 2015-07-27 16:20:53

The Witcher III Gets NG+ DLC

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt official Twitter account announced that there will be a NG+ DLC. There isn't an official release date, but it has been confirmed it will be the last...
Mario Maker Preview - 2014-08-07 12:14:45

Super Mario Maker “Nostalgia” Trailer Released

Nintendo has recently released the trailer for Super Mario Maker. The video features footage directly from the game, along with different levels. There are Boos, the raccoon costume, and other pieces of the...
Submerged Release Dates Announced - 2015-07-27 14:26:52

Submerged Release Dates Announced

Uppercut Games has announced the release dates for their game Submerged. Submerged is a non-combat exploration game. Miku, a young girl who has traveled with her wounded brother in a boat, must...
Splatoon: Inklings Takeover the Eaton Centre 1

Splatoon Major Update in August

Splatoon will be getting a major update August 6. The free update will give players new content like two new matchmaking modes: Squad Battle and Private Battle. Squad Battle will allow players to...
Weighing Down on Body Image in Games - 2015-07-24 14:47:05

Weighing Down on Body Image in Games

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of misrepresentation in videogames. Both women and men are depicted with exaggerated parts, and are generally made to look like they have the “ideal”...
It’s Not a Sex Simulator! - 2015-07-23 15:02:22

It’s Not a Sex Simulator!

Tycoon games are either a hit or miss. Yes, they all have the same general premise: make money and get rich. When it comes to the theme, they’re pretty mild like...
From Subculture to Everyday Play - 2015-07-23 13:50:02

From Subculture to Everyday Play

Videogames started out as a stigmatised subculture form of entertainment. Players were often labeled as “nerds” and seen as “that” person. Now, almost everyone plays games, whether it be on their...