Author: Zubi Khan

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 Coming December 12

Blizzard just released a new Developer Update video detailing the second coming of the Winter Wonderland event for Overwatch. As usual, fans should expect a slew of new Legendary costumes, which will be up for grabs with the latest patch. The seasonal pass for King’s Row and Hanamura will be returning, and the Black Forest arena map will also get the Winter Wonderland treatment with its very own seasonal pass content. Fans of Mei will have a new event known as Mei’s Yeti Hunt to play. The new event will be a boss fight in which a team of six ... Read more

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Economy Change, Free Content Planned

The first wave of changes for Star Wars Battlefront, specifically in terms of Lootboxes are imminent, with larger, more substantial changes planned for the future. EA recently rolled out a new update for Battlefront 2 in which some adjustments have been made to the games’ in-game economy. All the changes to the gave can be viewed below: End-of-round payout increase: EA promises that every activity will now see an increase in credits earned across the board, and top players will also receive an additional increase in credits won post-match. 3X Credit increase daily in Arcade Mode: Players have been hitting ... Read more

Spike Chunsoft Opens North American Branch In California

Japan-based video game developer Spike Chunsoft, the company behind the popular Danganronpa franchise, recently announced the formation of their North American subsidiary, Spike Chunsoft Inc. The new North American office will open in California, the wholly owned office will be responsible for localising, marketing and publishing for the region. Mitsutoshi Sakurai, President & CEO for Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. and Spike Chunsoft, Inc. said via press release: “Ever since our merger in 2012, we at Spike Chunsoft have dedicated ourselves to creating fun and unique titles. Our world today is more connected than ever — we can play games with people across the ... Read more

Next Level Video Game Convention Coming To Toronto In 2018

Toronto will be getting a new video game focused convention in 2018. Next level will debut in Toronto with their Next Level Video Game convention extravaganza, which will take place November 10th to 11th in 2018. The new convention will feature industry leaders, VR and AR interactive spaces, a mobile gaming lounge, and a massive PC LAN party with a plethora of multiple tournament-ready games. Next Level promises that their convention will be the biggest gaming con in Canadian history, which is why the event will be held at the International Centre in Mississauga, which offers more than 100,000 square ... Read more

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Rise and Fall Expansion Out February 2018

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI will receive its first major expansion titled Rise and Fall on February 8, 2018, for Windows PC. Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will bring with it new choices and strategies for players as they guide a civilization through the ages. The expansion introduces new Great Ages, a new city loyalty system and Governors that expand existing diplomacy and government systems. Players will also have access to new leaders and eight new buildings. Players can look forward to leading their empire into a Golden Age of prosperity or conquer adversity and emerge from a Dark Age and ... Read more

Let it Die World of Tanks Collaboration steamrolls in November 30

Fans of World of Tanks and especially Let it Die are in for a treat. Starting November 30, 2017, until January 11, 2018, players of Let it Die will have access to a plethora of World of Tanks related decals to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game. The World of Tanks centric collaboration will include 10 premium Skill Decals that have the chance of drastically affecting various skills and items within the game world. A full list of the available decals is available below to view: ●     World of Tanks – Max HP increased by 45% ●     Tiger II – ... Read more

Virtual Reality headsets exceed 1 million in sales, lead by Sony and PSVR

Q3 2017 marked the first sales have exceeded the million mark for the still-budding Virtual Reality platforms. Sony sits at the top with the lead, shipping more than 490,000 PlayStation VR headsets in Q3. Oculus took second place with 210,000 units shipped of its Rift headsets. Finally, HTC came in at third place with 160,000 Vive units sold — all three manufacturers combined made up about 86% of the total market in the third quarter of 2017. Oculus gained ground in the market by taking note of Sony’s $399 USD price point and offering their Rift headset at the same ... Read more

Wall Street experts say players are overeating to Star Wars Battlefront II controversy

According to the Wall Street firm KeyBanc Capital Market, players are overreacting to the EA Star Wars Battlefront II controversy. “We view the negative reaction to Star Wars Battlefront 2 (and industry trading sympathy) as an opportunity to add to Electronic Arts, Take-Two, and Activision Blizzard positions. The handling of the SWBF2 launch by EA has been poor; despite this, we view the suspension of MTX [micro-transactions] in the near term as a transitory risk.” Wingren continued by saying  that despite the reaction, video game players aren’t overcharged, they’re undercharged, and that the contention and blowback were a result of ... Read more

French senator Durain addresses loot box and micro-transactions in letter

A French senator has written a letter to France’s gambling regulators voicing his concerns regarding the prevalent trend of loot boxes and micro-transactions in gaming. The letter was addressed to the president of ARJEL, the French organization responsible for gambling regulations. Senator Jérôme Durain said the following: “While I do not think it is necessary at this stage to put in place specific legislation, I wonder about the desirability of providing consumer protection in this area. The use of loot boxes conferring cosmetic additions to the games seems well-accepted by the public. The development of so-called pay-to-win practices is more contentious, ... Read more

Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Sega recently put out a teaser video on YouTube that revealed the existence of the 4th entry into the beloved series. The video opened with a look into the design process of the upcoming title, specifically detailing the iteration process and focus Sega has committed to Valkyria Chronicles 4. The game is set in the fictional year of 1350 EC, war has engulfed Europa due to the Second Europan War between the Atlantic Federation against the Empire’s forces. Players take control and command ... Read more

Overwatch’s Zarya Invades Downtown Toronto to Promote Hero Diversity

Fans of Overwatch have noticed a larger-than-life mural of Zarya painted on the side of Los Calibris located in downtown Toronto. The massive painting is a part of an effort from Blizzard to highlight the title’s ever-expanding roster of heroes. CGMagazine reached out to Blizzard for comment and was told that the Zarya composition was pulled from Nesskain’s Anniversary piece, which was commissioned by Blizzard to celebrate Overwatch‘s first year anniversary. Blizzard felt that the stylized aesthetics of Nesskain’s piece was a perfect fit as an outdoor mural in the heart of the city. Zarya will be joining other iconic ... Read more

EA Temporarily Removes Microtransactions From Star Wars Battlefront II

Just hours before the global release of Star Wars Battlefront II, EA has announced that all microtransactions within the title will be turned off until further notice. The shocking announcement can be found on EA’s official website. Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager over at DICE, stated that after listening to the outcry from fans over the recent controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, EA felt that removing all real money related transactions within the game until further notice would give the company time to reassess, listen and address concerns regarding the title. This change comes prior to the actual release of ... Read more