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D.Va themed Razer Gear Plus New Line Of MOBA Ready Peripherals

Razer D.Va Themed Gear Plus Line Of MOBA Peripherals Incoming

Razer, one of the biggest manufacturers of high-end PC gaming peripherals is ready to unleash a new line of gear based on Overwatch's ex-pro StarCraft player, D.Va. Additionally, Razer plans on...
Super Mario Odyssey E3 2017 Preview- Possible Switch Classic 3

Media Create Sales October 23 To October 29 2017

For those interested in the world of game sale numbers (at least in Japan), the latest Media Create Sales have just come out for October, specifically October 23 to October 29,...
Matterfall (PlayStation 4) Review: Fluid, Frenetic, Explosive

Housemarque, Shoot-Em-Up Veteran To Move Away From The Genre

Housemarque, best known for their arcade-style shoot'em-up games such as Resogun, Super Stardust HD and most recently Nex Machina and Matterfall, are stepping away from the genre. Nex Machina launched earlier this year...
Bloodborne is a Fantastic Risk 2

Bloodborne Comic Incoming from Titan Comics

Fans of Bloodborne rejoice, From software's hard-as-nails lovecraftian romp. The new comic will be published by Titan comics. Bloodborne originally released back in 2015 and was met with both critical success and praise...
Games to Play After Watching Season Two Of Stranger Things

Games to Play After Watching Season Two Of Stranger Things

Netflix offers users a library of popular shows and movies and in recent years, a plethora of quality, original programming. Coupling this with the ability to binge an entire season of...
Major Layoffs at EVE Valkyire Studio CCP as They Move Away from VR

Major Layoffs Hit CCP as the Studio Shifts Away from VR

The studio behind EVE Valkyrie, CCP is stepping down from virtual reality, something that until now has been a significant focus for the Iceland-based studio. Unfortunately, CCP is also in the...
Ryzen 5 1600X Hardware Review - The Sweet Spot for Gamers 1

AMD Announces New Ryzen Powered Ultrathin Notebooks And Convertibles

AMD just announced their long-awaited AMD Ryzen powered ultrathin notebook computers and 2-1 convertibles, bringing power and efficiency to a smaller form factor. To achieve this feat, AMD has merged their award-winning...
Thousands Embrace ResetEra After NeoGAF Exodus

Thousands Embrace ResetEra After NeoGAF Exodus

Those following the recent happenings in the industry should be aware of the current state of the popular gaming forum, NeoGAF. On Wednesday evening, several former GAF members took the initiative and...
Amazon Opening Up a Game Studio

Amazon Announces Amazon Key For Select U.S Markets

Amazon has announced a new service known as Amazon Key, allowing couriers to unlock your front door and safely deliver your packages. Amazon Prime has been and continues to be Amazon's premium...
Bandai Namco Banning Dark Souls 3 Cheaters

Dark Souls 3 Line of Vinyl Figures Coming April 2018

Fans of collectable vinyl figures and the Dark Souls series rejoice: the company Titans will be bringing out Dark Souls 3 themed blind box figures in 2018. The new Dark Souls 3...
Logitech Posts Impressive Q2 Sales And Growth 1

Logitech Posts Impressive Q2 Sales And Growth

Logitech has just issued their latest press release regarding the company's sales growth for the second quarter and overall profit margins for the 2018 fiscal year. The Q2 sales were at $634...
Super Nintendo Themed New 3DS XL Hitting North America November 27 2

Super Nintendo Themed New 3DS XL Hitting North America November 27

Looks like the Super Nintendo themed New Nintendo 3DS will be coming to North American markets. The Super Nintendo themed 3DS, which is already available in other regions, was spotted on the...