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First looks and first thoughts on futures games.

Top 5 Collectables to Give Your Friends (or Your Greedy Self) This Holiday

‘Tis the season for giving, but sometimes picking out the perfect holiday gifts for the collectable fanatic or everyday fan is difficult. Luckily, CGMagazine’s resident expert on all things collectable is here to help you out. From figurines to toys to houseware, here are some ideal gifts for any fan in your life, or for your own collection. Blind Package Figures These are figures that are packaged in opaque packaging so the contents are a surprise. Why They’ll Love It: Blind package figures are a good choice because they come in a wide variety of fandoms, far too many to list. ... Read more

The Game Awards 2017 Wrap-Up

The Game Awards 2017 was better than last year’s. Such has been the trend for Geoff Keighley’s pet project – ever since the infamous Spike Video Game Awards first reached saturation, you can practically see Keighley straining against the inherent restraints of his chosen medium. He’s constantly seeking to give the games industry a history and a prestige that it does not actually seem to want. Inside the venue itself, the audience came alive for every utterance of the phrase “World Premiere,” and got appropriately unglued for stuff like surprise Zelda DLC or Bayonetta 3. But with so much space ... Read more

Top 5 Games for Switch to Give Your Friends (or Your Greedy Self) This Holiday

The Switch has had a breakout year in its debut. While its library is still relatively small, there’s still plenty to catch up on for those who will find Nintendo’s newest device under the tree this year. CGMagazine’s Kenneth Shephard makes your Holiday shopping easier with some suggestions that are sure to please anyone on your list, even if that someone is you. Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) – gameplay image via Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey puts a spin on Mario’s usual antics by taking him out of the Mushroom Kingdom and into several different worlds with different ... Read more

Five Of The Finest War Films: Five Movies, Five Wars, Five Perspectives

War. What is it good for? According to the song, absolutely nothing. However, it has been responsible for decades worth of riveting cinema. The War Film is a genre founded on military propaganda that has grown into something far more complex. The greatest war movies offer their filmmakers a chance to flex their directorial muscles in ways that show off a skill with spectacle and visceral cinematic artistry while also offering resonant commentary on the human condition through our most devastating of actions and tragedies. It’s a rich genre filled with brilliant artistry and harsh truths, one that sadly continues ... Read more

AMD Extravalanza Descends on Toronto

For the past few years, AMD has been running Extravalanza, a tournament that brings some of the best PC players together while also showing off some of the latest and greatest tech from AMD. In past years, AMD housed the event at its campus in Markham, but this year the company has opted for an external space, with 99 Sudbury fitting the bill nicely. Extravalanza is an odd beast when looking at tournaments in Toronto and North America. Due to the fact it is run by AMD, it has many things you would expect, such as PCs built with AMD ... Read more

Guilt Free Gaming: Why Nazis are the Perfect Antagonists

The very first “bad guys” I ever killed in a first-person shooter were Nazis. Actually, the first one was dead already by the time the game started, but as B.J. opened that prison door, that brown shirt, stalhem rocking guard “got his” as they say, and thus began a trend that would see the next two-and-half decades of video game antagonists frequently being the swastika clad monsters from the Second World War. From deadly serious renditions of the horrors committed by the SS to over the top, mecha-Hitler and Nazi moon bases, the Nazi is the perfect villain in the ... Read more

The “Seven Deadly Words” of Star Trek Discovery

In 1991, Dorothy Jones Heydt formulated what she called the “Eight Deadly Words” that strike a death knell to any story: “I don’t care what happens to these people.” While the “eight deadly words” do not apply to Star Trek Discovery, there is a seven word phrase that does: “I don’t care who wins this war.” Jason Isaacs and Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery (2017) – image via CBS The more episodes of Star Trek Discovery that I watch, the more I become convinced that the writers do not understand how a war works. With the exception of a single ... Read more

Disney Buying Fox Might Not Be A Bad Thing

Yesterday the movie news cycle was hit by a juggernaut of a reveal. Apparently, behind closed doors, Disney has been negotiating to buy 21st Century Fox. The motivations why are obvious. In recent years the House of Mouse picked up those itty bitty Star Wars and Marvel franchises and the last remaining fragments of both movie universes are still lingering over at Fox (oh and they also added Avatar to Disney World and guess which studio owns that). Obviously, Fox isn’t too keen to give up their big fish properties, so the logical solution for a massive multibillion-dollar organization like ... Read more

Games to Play After Watching Season Two Of Stranger Things

Netflix offers users a library of popular shows and movies and in recent years, a plethora of quality, original programming. Coupling this with the ability to binge an entire season of the latest and greatest content, many viewers often find themselves caught up and left with nothing to satiate their hunger. With the recent release of the second season of Stranger Things behind us, many fans are already clamouring for more. CGMagazine is here to aid those left with a Demogorgon sized hole in their hearts, with a list of games best suited for fans of the 80’s inspired sci-fi ... Read more

Rogue Trooper Redux (PS4) Review – Not All Clones Are Created Equal

The problem with reviewing re-mastered editions of old videogames is that I never know what standards to hold them to. Do I compare this third person shooter, based on a 1980’s British comic book, with the games that were released at the same time —April 2006? That was only seven months before Gears of War came out and changed that genre forever. Alternatively, do I compare this redux to the games of April 2017… on any month of 2017? The former feels like the kindest way of approaching Rogue Trooper Redux, but it would be useless to those of you ... Read more

Danganronpa V3’s Ending Makes a Polarizing Case for Letting the Series Go

Danganronpa is a series that has largely existed on its own terms. When the murder mystery series’ story expanded beyond the confines of its format, its creators looked to other genres and mediums to spin its tale, ending its original story in anime form with Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School. While the latest game in the series, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, was positioned as a new beginning for the series, one that dropped the original game’s setting in favour of something brand new, I ended up coming away from the game feeling that it was actually ... Read more

Time to Cut the Chains? Defending The Saw Franchise

After a seven-year gap, a new Saw movie is hitting screens this weekend for Halloween. But it’s not screening for critics in Canada. Fair enough. That was true of the last four chapters as well. This series wasn’t exactly a critical darling. In fact, it was typically panned and held up as an example of everything wrong with horror during the sensationalistic-titled “torture porn” era. Here’s the thing though, I’m actually disappointed that I won’t get to review Jigsaw. It’s not in some cynical frustration that I won’t get to vent out a vicious review either. The dark and dirty ... Read more