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Overwatch Lucioball Guide: How to Bend it Like Lucio

The Summer Games have started again in Overwatch and with them comes the return of Lucioball—a mode has players working together in a 3v3 mode that is reminiscent of Rocket League. Players must try to shoot an overly large soccer ball into the opposing team’s goal using nothing but Lucio and his abilities. Overwatch gameplay images via Blizzard Entertainment With the addition of a competitive mode this year, CGM decided to share our favourite tips to help you become the best Lucioball player you can be. Now, remember, while our advice is sure to make you amazing at this mode, ... Read more

Smite: Artio God Guide

The newest god to the battlefield of SMITE has been released. Artio, The Bear Goddess, has rampaged through the forest of SMITE and she now stands ready to protect the balance of things. But no one breaks the rules like gods, and Artio stands ready to remind them to respect the rules. Early Game At level one, grab Life Tap as your ability. This will give you pressure in-lane and will let you clear camps easier. Landing all five hits on minions will deal 75 damage vs Energy Surge’s 70. It also provides you with some CC at level one with a slow ... Read more

Sundered Guide: Every Elder Shard Location

Thunder Lotus Games released Sundered today on PC and on Sony’s PlayStation 4. And while many of you are eager to explore the world and discover its secrets, sometimes you might want some help. This guide should help you in your quest to find every single Elder Shard and Elder Shard Fragment. The guide will be split into each region so that it can serve as both a guide and checklist. Some basic guidelines for those of you that don’t wish to spoil anything about the game, there are four fragments and one complete shard in every region of the ... Read more

Prey Guide: Tips and Tricks For Your First Playthrough

The new first-person action-adventure game Prey released worldwide today. With the game already being described as a Metroidvania-style title, it’s safe to assume that there are plenty of hidden secrets and useful tips to help players with their journey through the space station Talos I. Here are some of our notes that players should keep in mind when venturing into Prey. If you’re looking to get the best experience during your first playthrough, completing the game’s side quests is one of the best ways to do so. Many of the quests will send you to new depths within Talos I and ... Read more

Persona 5 Guide: Final Boss

If you managed to get this far, you are on your way to the True Ending for Persona 5. This boss has many forms, and you will want to be around Level 70 to take it on without major issues. The first stage of the boss fight has you fighting the Holy Grail. You took this on earlier in the game, only this time you will be able to win. You will want to ensure you are at Full Health and Full SP before entering the battle, anything less will make a hard battle nearly impossible. Holy Grail Boss Much ... Read more

Persona 5 Guide: All Endings, Good, Bad and True Ending

As with all Persona games, Persona 5 has a series of endings you can achieve. There is a selection of bad endings, a good ending, and the true ending, that all players really want. While most of the bad endings are fairly easy to avoid — just don’t take the obvious bad dialogue option — some are a little harder and could cause you to veer onto the wrong path. Persona 5 has three bad endings, one good ending, and a true ending. And while they are all worth seeing, it may be important to avoid seeing the other endings ... Read more

Persona 5 Confidant Guide – Sae, Igor, Morgana, and Sojiro

With the debut of Persona 3, Atlus managed to rework many of the ways progression is made in their demon summoning JRPG. Outside of battle stats and equipment, relationships and character attributes such as guts and charisma came into play. In conjunction with these new features, a new daily schedule filled with deadlines and events was added, giving players more to focus on outside of dungeon crawling. Persona 4 expanded slightly on all of these mechanics while adding new elements such as a weather system. Almost all of the previously used systems and more are present in Atlus’ newest and ... Read more

Persona 5 Confidant Guide – Togo, Ohya, Takemi, and Mifune

The cast of Persona 5 is filled with a wide array of ladies for you to interact with, each with their own stories and problems they need to overcome. Spending your time with these ladies will not only boost your social links, allowing for bonuses such as item discounts to be unlocked but it’ll also allow you to become romantically involved them. When you’re not busy studying for exams or trying to manage that Big Bang Burger challenge, here’s a guide to winning the hearts of all the dateable female confidants outside your main party. For other Confidants, please see all ... Read more

Persona 5 Confidant Guide – Futaba, Makoto, Ann, Ryuji, Haru, and Yusuke

The members in your party are likely to be the characters you spend most of your time with during your year in Persona 5. Raising your social link with each of them will also be the most immediately beneficial. Your allies will be able to perform follow-up attacks, help to negotiate with enemy shadows along with other useful skills during and outside of battles. Here’s the complete guide to helping you strengthen your bonds with your fellow phantom thieves. For other Confidants, please see all the guides on offer: Mishima, Yoshida, Oda and Munehisa Togo, Ohya, Takemi, and Mifune Sae, Igor, ... Read more

Persona 5 Confidant Guide – Mishima, Yoshida, Oda and Munehisa

While dating women is a big part of Persona 5, there are just as many characters that you don’t go out with who are instrumental in your rehabilitation. Though the majority of these characters don’t involve themselves directly in your phantom thief escapades, their social links can have an effect on how you fare in Palaces and in Momentos. For help in forging friendships with the unique characters you’ll find around Tokyo, here’s our guide for maxing out social links with non-romantic confidants. For other Confidants, please see all the guides on offer: Futaba, Makoto, Ann, Ryuji, Haru, and Yusuke Togo, Ohya, ... Read more

Persona 5 Guide – Answers for Class Questions, Exams and Tests

In this Persona 5 guide we will look at all the answers for the class, exams, midterms and finals for the game to allow you to max your knowledge as you play through this landmark RPG title from Atlus. The guide is organised so that every set two months are sectioned out so you can easily reference them throughout the game. We have also set it up so each set of Midterm exams (taking place May and October) along with finals (July and December) are in their own section for easy reference. With this handy guide, you can answer every question seen ... Read more