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CGMagazine November 2017: Behind the Minds of the New Colossus

This month, CGMagazine takes a deep dive into the world of Wolfenstein II: The New Colosussus. B.J. Blazkowicz is back and he’s ready to fight back against the tyrannical Nazi regime in this latest instalment of the critically acclaimed Wolfenstein franchise. The November issue features Brendan Quinn’s exclusive interviews with the team behind Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Machine games, as well as our full-coverage review of this latest foray into the world of Wolfenstein. Brendan Frye talks with Monolith Productions about their latest release in the Middle Earth franchise, Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Lisa Mior talks with Wargaming‘ Arthur Plociennik about the past, present, and future of World of Warships. Here’s what ... Read more

CGMagazine December 2017: The Buyers’ Guide – Best of 2017 Edition

The 2017 CGMagazine Buyers’ guide is here! With guides to help you make the purchases for people on your holiday wishlist and selections of the best products of the year, this is an indispensable resource for the shopping season. Inside, you’ll find: Best of 2017: Action Game Best of 2017: Platformer Best of 2017: Simulation Game Best of 2017: Puzzle and Rhythm Games Best of 2017: RPG Best of 2017: Horror Game Best of 2017: Fighting Game Best of 2017: Strategy Game Best of 2017: Racing Game Best of 2017: Sports Game Best of 2017: Adventure/Visual Novel games Best of 2017: ... Read more

CGMagazine T-Shirt Pre-Orders Now Available!

T-shirts: the most versatile piece of clothing in anyone’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable, practical and make you look awesome. You can wear them on the job, at the park, playing your favourite game, to your best friend’s wedding – anywhere! And you can never have too many t-shirts. We at CGMagazine care about your fashion needs, so don’t worry, friends: we’re here to help you out. Introducing the first in a line of exclusive, CGMagazine original designs, created just for you by one of our many talented artists, taken right from the pages of Canada’s premiere comics and gaming magazine. Our ... Read more

CGMagazine June/July 2016: The Return Of The JRPG

In the videogame industry, some of the biggest, most beloved franchises are JRPGs. From Final Fantasy, to Persona, this genre is so diverse and unique; we dedicated a whole issue to it. With titles like I am Setsuna, Bravely Second, Persona 5, and Final Fantasy XV, taking the mantle of the most talked about games in recent memory, it seems like there is a genre wide revival. Jump inside the June/July issue of CGMagazine where Lisa Mior explores the meaning of Setsunai, Elias Blondeau talks about how JRPGs saved his life, Liana Kerzner wonders where the romance in videogames went, ... Read more

It’s TMNT Week

With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows in theatres June 3rd, everyone is talking about the heroes in a half shell. As with any nostalgic property, many people hold the franchise near to their hearts. But for every fan, there are detractors, and the new movies have brought about many of those. Regardless, TMNT is one of the biggest franchises in pop culture. From comics to movies, and everything between, the Turtles have dabbled in everything imaginable. Now, with their fifth big screen adventure, they look to take over the world again. Because of this, we’re dedicating the ... Read more

CGMagazine May 2016: Going Mobile

CGMagazine heads into summer with an in-depth look at mobile gaming and its evolution in the gaming market. Jordan Biordi discusses Nintendo’s foray into the mobile scene with Miitomo, Lisa Mior discovers how AAA developers can legitimize mobile games with Super Senso, and Liana Kerzner raves about the power of Facebook games. Phil Brown sits down with Daniel Clowes, creator of Ghost World, Lisa talks with Hironori Okayama, producer of Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi, and Kevin Hamilton goes to a… fancy video game party? Features It’s Time For A DC/Marvel Peace Accord Dark Souls III Is A Great And Overly Familiar Game Landmarks ... Read more

CGMagazine March 2016: Modern Multiplayer

CGMagazine rolls into spring by looking at multiplayer in the modern gaming landscape. David Jagneaux talks about death of couch co-op, what makes it great, and it’s slow demise, while Mike Stubbsy discusses the growing field of mobile eSports. Jordin Biordi talks with the Randy Greenback, one of the minds behind the Kickstarter project Friday the 13 th : The Game, and Jed Whitaker sits down with Popcap Games associate producer Marcel Kuhn to discuss the Plants vs. Zombies franchise and the success of PVZ: Garden Warfare 2. Features: Building a Sense of Space Picking Brains and Planting Flowers Taking ... Read more

CGMagazine December 2015: Retro Rewind

Issue December 2015 CGMagazine kicks off a new year by going back in time to analyze how gaming of the past influences gaming of the future. Aleksander looks at how Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night left a long-standing impact on the industry, Reid discusses how Undertale shows old-school ideas can influence new-school games and Liana harkens back to a time when games were made for fun, not for review. Brendan Quinn sits down with gaming legend John Romero to talk Doom and the future of gaming, Aleksander speaks with Theierry Doizon Lara Croft Go’s art direction and Brendan ... Read more

CGMagazine October 2015: The Buyer’s Guide

October 2015 The 2015 CGMagazine Buyers guide is here. With guides to help you make the purchases for people on your holiday wishlist, and selections of the best products of the year, this is your invaluable resource for the shopping season. Guides: Understanding ESRB Ratings The Console Guide The Evolution Of Living: Living Room Audio Gaming On The Go: Making The Right Choice Must Own: Must Own: Top 10 Blu-Rays Must Own: 10 Must Read Comics Must Own: Hardware Must Own: Indie Games Must Own: Racing Games Must Own: Remastered Games Must Own: Action Games Must Own: Roleplaying Games Must ... Read more

CGMagazine September 2015

September 2015 In this issue we look at the New Face of Comics. Have comics evolved with the times? David examines the effects of the popularity of superhero blockbusters, Phil examines the dwindling relevance of comic book continuities and Reid asks if a superhero game can be more than just action. Lisa Mior talks with Chad Moldenhauer about Cuphead, Cassidee talks with Jeremy Whitley about the strong females of Princeless, and Jason discusses the modernization of Lois Lane with Gwenda Bond. Features: Acheivments and Trophies: More Than Just Virtual Rewards Side-Scrolling Through The Golden Age: A Chat With Chad Moldenhauer ... Read more

CGMagazine April 2015: The Fitness Issue

April 2015 Wellness, Fitness, videogames aren’t necessarily words that all fit together, but things have been changing in the interactive world in recent years. New technology and a desire on the industry’s part to shed the slovenly reputation of the hobby have given new avenues for the health conscious to start using games to get fit. In this issue, Cody discusses Nintendo turning the spotlight on fitness gaming, Raynika backs this up by discussing how WiiFit popularized “exergaming” and Liana discusses her gaming habits while biking. Features Johnathan Hickman & Marvel Go To War How To Stop Worrying And Love ... Read more

CGMagazine February 2015: The Education Issue

February 2015 This latest issue of CGM looks at how education and games aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. The perception of education has been changing a lot in recent years, and it’s no longer considered a simple matter of memorizing facts for a test, then disposing of that information once the test has been passed. Critical thinking, problem solving skills and the ability to analyze and improvise are all considered valuable tools, not just in learning, but as general skills for life management. In this issue, Tim talks about the resurgence of female super heroes in comics, Reid talks about how ... Read more