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The Shape of Water Review: Making A Monster Movie Romance

Guillermo Del Toro used to save his arty genre movies for his subtitled productions and make pure genre nonsense in Hollywood. That split is over. The Mexican maestro’s latest American production is one of his most complex and moving outings to date. Of course, it does have a monster in it—that’s just how Del Toro rolls. It’s a magnificent monster as well, in many ways his take on the classic Creature from the Black Lagoon. It’s also spliced with the fairy tale romanticism of Amelie, cold war paranoia, empathetic identity politics, and some of the most beautiful filmmaking to hit ... Read more

The Disaster Artist (2017) Review: Making A Great Movie Out Of The Worst Movie

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room is possibly the most watched and discussed independent American film of the 2000s. In our irony-obsessed age, that doesn’t mean it’s good though. Far from it. The magnum opus by the mysterious Wiseau is arguably the worst movie ever made and one that achieved cult status from those who gleefully giggle away at it’s ineptitude. Wiseau has emerged as an odd pop culture icon out of the wreckage of The Room and it’s behind the scenes tales that grew into Internet folklore. It was almost inevitable someone would make a movie about him. Thankfully, that movie ... Read more

Coco (2017) Review: A Magical Odyssey of Death and Family

Coco is a Pixar movie. That means it has a formula. There’s a uniquely colourful world featuring an outcast who enters that world on an adventure in order to learn the value of family and believing in himself. We’ve been there before. Pixar has been there before. I guess they call it formula. The trick is how well the animation studio uses that formula in a new world, and the world of Coco is so gloriously imaginative and colourful and funny and creepy and weird that it’s easy to get lost in. It’s one of the best movies they’ve ever ... Read more

Justice League (2017) Review: An Epic Superfriend Mess

After months of rumours and reshoots and directorial replacements and CGI-shaved moustaches, Justice League is finally here. Given that comic book nerds have craved this movie for generations, it’s amazing how little fanfare surrounds the release. It’s clear everyone involved isn’t pleased with how this turned out, often even deriding the state of Warner Brothers’ hastily commissioned DC cinematic universe during promotional interviews. So it comes as no surprise to see that the movie is a mess and a disappointment. There’s a chance that Zack Snyder once had a plan for a decent Justice League movie to follow up Man ... Read more

Murder On The Orient Express (2017) Review: An Old Timey Mediocre Murder Mystery

On a certain level, you can’t help but wonder how yet another production of Murder On The Orient Express even exists in 2017. It’s not as if audiences have been begging for more Agatha Christie content in recent years or that there’s suddenly been a massive revival in drawing room mysteries to explain why a studio would want to make a blockbuster version of Christie potboiler. It likely exists as a big expensive Kenneth Branagh ego trip, surrounded by a bunch of famous friends as cover. This thing shouldn’t have made it through the studio system at all, especially as ... Read more

Thor Ragnarok Review – Thor Gets Good

Despite the glorious success of the MCU over the last nine years, there has always been one franchise that’s been a bit of a slog. Sure, shove Thor into an Avengers ensemble and the guy will rattle off some good one-liners and throw down in a few fight scenes, but when it comes to his solo outings, Thor has consistently been a bit of a let-down. There are a few reasons why. First of all, there’s the Superman problem that the god (or alien in this continuity, I guess) is just way too powerful to ever face much of a ... Read more

Jigsaw Review – Some More Saw Silliness

14 years ago a plucky Australian director named James Wan (Insidious, The Conjuring, and the majesty that was Furious 7) created the graphic dismemberment mystery Saw franchise and seven years ago it mercifully ended with Saw 3D: The Final Chapter. However, if we learned nothing from Freddy and Jason and Chucky and their ilk, it’s that you can never keep a good horror icon down. So now, in 2017 with no new horror franchise around to claim the coveted Halloween weekend release slot, Jigsaw has returned. There are no distracting numbers to dissuade viewers from entering a continuity-flaunting series at ... Read more

The Snowman (2017) Review: Horribly, Hilariously, and Hopelessly Misconceived

There’s no point in sugar coating it, The Snowman is an absolute disaster of a movie. It’s a tonally confused and at times downright incompetent mess. The sad thing is that so many talented filmmakers were involved in this disaster. People who should know better and in the case of director Tomas Alfredson—Let The Right One In, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy—one person who has already essentially apologized for the disaster. This lone silver lining is that the film is so ludicrously misconceived and out of control that it is still pretty damn entertaining. Just not necessarily in the ways that ... Read more

Cult Of Chucky (2017) Review – Chucky is Back and Better than Ever

If I’d been asked to look at a line-up of all the iconic slasher movie monsters and guess which one would somehow still be thriving almost three decades later, the ginger killer doll Chucky would likely have been at the bottom of my list. Yet here we are, 29 years after the original Child’s Play and there’s a new Chucky movie hitting shelves that’s actually quite damn good—while Jason and Freddy have been remade, rebooted, and lost.  The reason for this comes down to one person: Don Mancini. While most horror franchises tend to get passed from one group of ... Read more

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Review – Future Noir Nourishment

The Blade Runner sequel has been a long time coming and despite understandable concerns that the pioneering cyberpunk masterpiece would be impossible to follow up, the results are undeniably impressive. What we have in Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel made by people who understand what makes the original film special on all levels. Somehow Denis Villeneuve and his team have delivered a Blade Runner sequel not just as beautifully crafted as the original, but also just as evocatively (and at times frustratingly) complex. This is a thoughtful film about the nature of consciousness, creation, and existence that just happens ... Read more

American Made (2017)

For the last few years going to see a Tom Cruise action movie has been an absolute chore. Desperate to keep his star status alive and launch new franchises, Tom Cruise movies have turned into empty vessels for the inflated ego of the world’s leading Scientologist. It’s gotten so bad that even audiences stopped showing up, with The Mummy and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back bombing badly enough to suggest his reign of box office dominance might be over. All of which makes the delightfully subversive American Made an extra special surprise. Cruise has reunited with Doug Limon who directed ... Read more

Kingsmen: The Golden Circle (2017) Review

Kingsman was one of the few original blockbusters released in the last five years that actually seemed worthy of a sequel. Brilliantly adapted from a Mark Millar comic book, Matthew Vaughn created a tongue-in-cheek twist on James Bond tropes that somehow made goofy Roger Moore era spy games feel relevant in the 21st century. By the time the ultraviolent cartoon ended on a bad taste bum joke, it felt like a whole franchise could naturally spill out with little effort. Unfortunately, the follow up Kingsman: The Golden Circle doesn’t quite hit the mark. Oddly, it’s not because Vaughn and his ... Read more