Superior Spider-Man Continues This Summer, Leads Into New Spider-Man Event

Superior Spider-Man Continues This Summer, Leads Into New Spider-Man Event

Barely a month after the series has ended, Marvel announces two new issues dated for this summer and fall

Marvel has announced that the popular Superior Spider-Man series will continue on for two more issues.

Superior Spider-Man #32 will arrive in August and will tell an untold story of what happened to Otto for nine hours after being transported to the year 2099 in Superior Spider-Man #19.

Issue #32 will apparently be the start to the big Spider-Man event “Spider-Verse” later this year. The event will feature an appearance from every version of Spider-Man created.

 Superior Spider Man Continues This Summer, Leads Into New Spider Man Event news  Superior Spider verse Spider Man 2099 Spider Man Marvel

A preview page from Superior Spider-Man #32, out this August.

Both issues will have Spider-Man writer Dan Slott writing for them, and art will be done by Christos Gage, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Adam Kubert.

The Superior Spider-Man series was written by Dan Slott and told the story of Otto “Doctor Octopus” Octavious switching bodies with Peter Parker. After Peter in Otto’s dying body made Otto relive his past experiences, Otto vowed to become a better Spider-Man then Peter ever was.

Superior Spider-Man issues #32 and #33 will be released in August and September later this year.

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