Wii U Isn’t an Upgrade, But a New System: Nintendo

Wii U Isn’t an Upgrade, But a New System: Nintendo

The Wii U is something to be taken seriously—that is, according to Nintendo. Kotaku reports today Nintendo is sending out messages to Wii owners, hoping they would view the Wii U as not an add-on, but rather a whole new console.

In a statement primarily reported to Kotaku, Nintendo said Wii owners should “discover the Wii U” as an “all-new home console”. It’s envisioned to redefine the gaming and entertainment experience.

Nintendo has suffered poor Wii U sales due to inconsistent marketing, according to CEO Satoru Iwata in a statement last week. He said the majority of people initially understood the Wii U (especially the Wii U GamePad) as a complimentary device to the Wii. With clarifying the Wii U as an actual console, Iwata hopes to strengthen Nintendo’s software sales and marketing efforts.


Raynika Awotwi

Raynika Awotwi is an aspiring writer, parlaying into her tenure with Comics and Gaming after her internship with Magazines Canada.

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