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Absolver Revieves a Summer Release Date

Absolver Receives a Summer Release Date

Sloclap and Devolver Digital has announced a release date for their upcoming online melee game, Absolver. Gamers itching to fight will be able to play Absolvers when it launches on PlayStation...
First 15: Absolvervideo

First 15: Absolver

Lovina gives us a rundown of what to expect in the upcoming martial arts epic Absolver. Running on the Unreal Engine, Absolver is developed by Sloclap, an indie studio made up...
Absolver: A Solitary RPG Experience

Absolver: A Solitary RPG Experience

Sloclap's Absolver is the kind of game I can't wait for the public to get their hands on because I want to see what people can do with it when they...

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