Pixels & Ink #249 – Alien and Destiny

Pixels & Ink #249 - Alien and Destiny

This week’s episode of the Pixels and Ink Podcast brought to you by CGM and Bunz Network, we have a two man band as Brendan Is in L.A. trying out Destiny 2. Phil saw Alien: Covanent, and previews Street Fighter II on the Switch, while Cody needs to talk to Phil about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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Ranking The Alien Franchise

Ranking The Alien Franchise

37 years ago a little acidic alien burst his way out of John Hurt’s chest and into all of our hearts. Back in 1979 the world had never seen anything like Alien. The concept of science fiction films being treated seriously and budgeted generously was still a Star Wars-funded novelty.

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