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Pixels & Ink #252 - E3 Blues

Pixels & Ink #252 – E3 Blues

On this Episode of the Pixels and Ink Podcast brought to you by CGMagazine and Bunz Podcast Network, Cody, Brendan and Phil are excited for the Nintendo Wing of the Universal...
First 15: ARMSvideo

First 15: ARMS

Nintendo is a little bit more than a week away from releasing the punch-out style game, Arms for the Nintendo Switch and CGMagazine had a chance to play some matches to...

Nintendo Direct Shows More ARMS

Nintendo just dropped their latest Direct, which focused heavily on their latest upcoming Nintendo Switch fighting game, ARMS.The direct opened with Biff, the games announcer giving some light exposition for the...

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BioMutant Confirmed By THQ Nordic 1

BioMutant Confirmed By THQ Nordic

Ex-Just Cause and Mad Max developers THQ Nordic have announced a new game, BioMutant.Earlier this week, the existence of BioMutant was leaked onto the Internet, and today...