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Batman Arkham HD Collection revealed

Batman Arkham HD Collection revealed

News of a Batman Arkham HD Collection has been leaked by a Gamestop employee to Eurogamer. From the image provided, Batman Arkham HD Collection will feature updated visuals for Arkham Asylum and...
Winter isn't Over in These Games - 2015-03-09 12:50:23

Winter isn’t Over in These Games

CGM has a worldwide audience, but we’re located in Southern Ontario. For those who aren’t sure what it’s like here this time of year—it’s kind of cold but not frigid. The...
Dell Alienware X51 Review 1

Dell Alienware X51 Review

(Disclaimer: The Alienware X51 that CGM was loaned for the purposes of this review came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit pre-installed; all commercially available models on Dell's Website come exclusively...
Warner Bros. confirms new Batman for 2013 - 2013-02-12 17:05:21

Warner Bros. confirms new Batman for 2013

Warner Bros. Interactive has let it slip that we can expect a new instalment to the Batman Arkham franchise, and it's coming out this year. The news came during an investor call...
Catwoman is Arkham City's other playable character - 2011-06-01 21:11:19

Catwoman is Arkham City’s other playable character

Everyone's favorite cat burglar will be stealing everything in sight in Rocksteady's upcoming sequel.   Selina Kyle will be more than eye candy in Batman: Arkham City. Rocksteady has confirmed that Catwoman will...