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Pixels & Ink #225 - Luke Warm Inferno

Pixels & Ink #225 – Luke Warm Inferno

This week on the CGM podcast, Cody is a little upset with Bethesda. Phil saw and was unimpressed with Inferno, the sequel to The Dance Vinci Code and Angels & Demons....
Netflix Black Mirror Season 3 Preview 4

Netflix Black Mirror S3 Preview

For years Black Mirror was a special bit of British speculative science fiction nihilism that seemed like something made specifically for cult appeal. The seasons were short even by UK TV...
Black Mirror Season Three gets Air Date, Trailer

Black Mirror Season Three gets Air Date, Trailer

Netflix viewers rejoice, you have another season of a beloved show to binge watch while you stay up until 3 a.m. with bloodshot eyes. That’s right folks, Black Mirror is back...

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Tennocon and Warframe – Where they'll go from here 21

Tennocon and Warframe – Where they’ll go from here

London, Ontario isn't the first place I'd think to travel to for a convention. Local affairs are common, but they're rarely worthy of bringing...