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Carrie Fisher: In Memoriam

Remembering the Late Star Wars Icon Carrie Fisher

I discovered Star Wars around the age of 10, when I noticed a significant difference between myself and other girls my age. While they wanted to play house and had binders...
Carrie Fisher Dies at 60 1

Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

Carrie Fisher has passed away on Tuesday 27 December 2016, following a heart attack this holiday weekend. She was 60.Fisher initially suffered from this emergency while flying into LAX airport on dec...

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Conarium Preview - Lovecraftian Axing 1

Lovecraft Homage Conarium Recieves Release Date

After announcing their new project back in 2015, Zoetrope Interactive Studios' latest Lovecraftian Horror game, Conarium, is set for a PC Release on June 6,...